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  1. Gate Issue

    Thanks. We have been doing that some, we went to a friends last night and just went in and out of their ring. It would be easier if this was a problem I could fix at home but Im very encouraged by what we have done for him, so we will see!!
  2. Gate Issue

    Thanks :) We had a check-up today and it was his stifle. So we went ahead and got both stifles and hocks injected. I only like to do injections if they need them which he did. Looking forward to seeing the inprovement in his running and at the gate. We have been placing but he can be faster like at least 2d, I am excited to see the changes. Hopefully he will improve at the gate and running harder. This horse is all heart, I want him to want to run!!!
  3. Gate Issue

    My gelding is 12 years old and I have been running him about 3 years. We had problems with getting in the gate that got worse and so did turning our first barrel. We would go way by it and then turn. Well we went to the vet in march and he has arthritis in his neck, which is being treated successfully with a daily pill. There is a huge difference in our first barrel now :) Our gate issues however have continued. He will spin, go backwards and everything to avoid going in, and then all of a sudden he will eventually just trot right in. I think that he is associating running with pain and then he realizes oh yeah it doesnt hurt anymore. Is there anyone else who knows how to fix this or has had this problem? I think he is a great horse and will be a consistent 2d horse if we can just figure out these issues!
  4. Arthritis In Barrel Horses?

    We have him on Previcox which is actuall the dog form of Equinox. Same concentration just a pill instead of paste. Im hoping this will help. He still runs and is about to be brought back into shape for this season.
  5. Arthritis In Barrel Horses?

    I took my 12 year old Gelding to the vet on monday, we were thinking that he had soft tissue damage in his right front fetlock. We had just goven him 4 months off and he was still a little off. Worse on some days, better on others. After a long day at the vets, it turns out he has arthritis in his neck. Mild Osteoarthritis at C6-C7 and Moderate at C7-T1. Since it is so mild, we are going to use an anti-inflammatory for now. Has anyone else ever had this issue, if so what were the treatment options that you used? We have always had a first barrel issue of rating and turning, so now I realize that it could be do to this arthrits in the neck. Im hoping and praying that this medicine will work and we will have an awesome season.
  6. Post Pics Of Your Truck/trailer!

    I cant seem to find pictures but we have a 2007 Chevy 3500 dually, duramax diesel, white. We also have a 2007 Gore 4 horse with dressing room with ac/heat, 9ft short wall rear tack and ramp. We added a water tank for the horses. Technically it is my Mom's but I use it way more. My husband and I will eventually get one but for now I dont mind using my Mom's its cheaper that way!
  7. Feeding Hay At Shows

    I do not feed hay in the trailer unless it is a long trip, say over 6 hours. At shows if he is standing especially if I haul him by his self, he will get hay mainly to keep my trailer intact and him attached to He likes to play, chew and untie his self. At shows where he is stalled he will get hay all day until probably 1-2 hours before I run.
  8. 2010 World Show In Perry Ga!

    I just read on barrelhorse world that the 2010 NBHA world show is going to be in Perry, GA! That is further south for me but I am so excited, no more loading and unloading all week long!
  9. Secret Santa People!

    I really hope that you liked it. I am so glad that it finally got there :) Merry Christmas!!
  10. Secret Santa People!

    I got my SS stuff YAY! Thanks so much Rodeoforlife :) I love the T-shirt, orange polo's and bracelet. The candy and jam are really yummy too! Anyone else receive theirs yet? Rodeoforlife, yours is in the mail!
  11. Secret Santa People!

    Packages need to be sent out by FRIDAY Dec 11th! Cant wait to see what everyone got!
  12. Secret Santa People!

    Hey guys, just wanted to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly! Please PM me your tracking # once your package is sent :)
  13. Secret Santas

    Hey guys, just wanted to check to see how everything is coming along for your Secret Santas, Let me know! Hope youre having fun with it!
  14. Secret Santa :)

    Everyone should have their Secret Santas, Let me know if you have any questions. Please PM me the tracking # once your packages are sent!!!
  15. Secret Santa :)

    Alrighty guys, I am sending everyones Secret Santa out today! You have until December 13th to send out your packages. Be creative and HAVE FUN!!!