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  1. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    PD, Got the mare dropped off for training, and found out Libras registered name, it's Libra's Diamond. She is a 1995 model. Soon, we will be introducing her to Scotty, for pasture breeding. We are waiting to find out whether my favorite riding mare, Ms Bright Glows Exec is in foal or not. Scotty is managed better with more than one mare to take his attention, and we also wanted to give Libra an opportunity to settle in to being pastured 24/7. She is spending less time in her shelter, and more time eating the grass and round bale in her pasture. She has been squealing and running around in her pasture when our Apps are playing in theirs. She is a joy to watch move.
  2. Shyanna Helping

    Like her outfit, and the fact that she is helping you.
  3. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    Peppers Dad, Libra's owner was going to breed her to her paint stallion, but apparently he walked on before he successfully got her in foal. My son, who is 6' tall, took her fly sheet off this evening so I could get a couple of pics. Isn't she pretty? Very nice manners too. My son spoke so well of how good mannered her horses are, that we are having her train our five yr old mare, starting Sunday.
  4. Illlegal Hunters & Neighbors Neglect, Versus Our High Tensile Fence

    Don't want to give the impression that I am against legal hunters, because I am not. My family are hunters, and I enjoy a well prepared wild game meal. Don't know the law in other states, but here in Michigan your private property does not have to have no trespassing signs posted. Unless the land is well marked public land, it is considered private property, and as has been said, good hunters will make sure to have obtained written permission from the owner of record. I do know that Michigan hunter safety classes teach about property owners rights, as my daughter and grandson took a course last fall. The illegal hunters from last fall had a game camera up, on a well traveled game trail, that passed through our property, and on into the neighbors. They even erected a huge permanent tree house, gotta call it that as it was too large to be called a stand, on the west neighbors 200 foot wide property. We all will be using our own video cameras this fall, but as Heidi n Q says, I hope to have a conversation with them. The one good thing though has been the conversation that the situation opened up between the adjoining property owners.
  5. Illlegal Hunters & Neighbors Neglect, Versus Our High Tensile Fence

    The fence is not stretched tight, but it is there, well marked with red tops, and yellow electric fence signs are at intervals along it. The north east boundary steel post is all red painted, as are the other two boundary posts not pictured.
  6. We are oh so fortunate in many ways, as there are no buildable sites on the land adjoining ours. A high water table, seasonal ponds, and very wet woods ensure this. Though owners have tried multiple times, the health department agrees. Our neighbors to the west own a 200 ft wide parcel that is half a mile long, with a 66 ft easement off a main paved road as their only access. North of us is the very wet ten acre wooded parcel. Last fall we cleared trees, and brush, from our west neighbors, off the horse pasture fence line. This spring, our line had been damaged more, north of the horse pastures, to our north east boundary, by ill legal hunters who literally drove over it, along with the neighbor neglect that we had yet to address. We are having such a dry spring that we were able to get into the affected area, and finish clearing out that 666.66 ft of high tensile fence line. Our west neighbors, having found hunting items on their property, erected several no trespassing signs, as deterrents. Unfortunately they found our wooden fence posts attractive places for their signs. Our fence line is wholly on our property, so we had a conversation, and they removed their signs, which are now on their own trees. We have, as you will see, finished repairs on, and improved the visibility, of our fence line. The upshot of this is that all the neighbors got together, due to the hunters, and we are united in that aspect at least. Since we know where our boundary stakes are, our neighbors now do too. This fence line is only a two line high tensile fence along our west line, north of our horse pastures, which meets our east fence line at that boundary stake.
  7. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    Heidi n Q, Hubby is 6' 1" with arm reach that makes this 5' 6" woman envious, especially when trying to reach high places in my kitchen cupboards. We had just come home from a medical appt, and our son called to say that there was a foal with Bandit, out in the pasture. Took me a bit to understand that he was not talking about Noel. Was a really glorious, happy surprise. Bandits few spot daughter, the white horse in the trailer, is now the care taker of Noel, even though she was present at the birth, there was some attempted teat theft going on. She got a pasture change, for the first time in her short life, and so far is doing well with it. Jubal, We were just astonished that he could miss a foal 11 days from being born. They are pretty cute cousins. I'll be sure to post comparison pics when they both get their foal coats shed out. Their going to be different colors for sure, but else wise, who knows? Our son has called dibs on Noel. He agrees with you, and wants a large mare to ride, plus he was the stall cleaner all the long winter, and they have become pretty close. Magic26, Thank you Smilie, Thanks, hope all is good your way Peppers Dad, Thank you. Had no idea what that combo would produce, and admit, they did surprise me. Hoping the last mare we also pasture bred is in foal, in spite of the backup vets opinion. Got a call into our regular vet for just that purpose, but he is still limiting his farm calls, and not sure he will make it out. He did successfully call both sister mares in foal last year, before his health issues hit. Scotty has impressed the owner of a thoroughbred mare my son is farrier to. She brought her to us to be bred. When I am sure I have the name right I will post it, but she is from Secretariat bloodlines, and over 17 hands.
  8. My Horse Turned 21 Today! Added A Few Pics Of Course.

    Happy birthday Keno! What a colorful guy you have. I really enjoy great partnership stories. Hope you two have many more happy years together. Gorgeous pic selection by the way.
  9. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    Still with you, and praying. I would not hesitate to talk with the patient advocate concerning rough or callus treatment by caregivers. I was really upset with the incidents you shared here. You may not be able to make calls from your cell, but you could use the video setting and record her in the act. She seriously needs some blunt corrective action. Here's hoping your time with that one is done. Back in the seventies, my dad had a double by pass, and valve replacement, done in the hospital I then worked for. He pulled his tube out before the orders to remove it after the surgery came through. He was done with that thing, and that was that. As a result, he temporarily damaged his vocal cords, and didn't talk right for awhile. He was sent down for cognitive testing, as the doc thought the change meant a possible stroke had occurred, and wouldn't take the time to listen to dads words. I knew where the testing took place, and found him down there not at all co-operating with the woman, was was loudly, and in a manner one would address a young child, imploring him to put the correct pieces of the puzzle, in their places. Dad, was furiously silent, and sat there like a lump staring her down. She was fighting frustration, trying to stay sunnily positive, and not at all happy to see me, in my work uniform, abruptly told me to get out of there. I ignored her, and said to my dad to go ahead and put the pieces in the stupid little puzzle so she would know he had all his faculties, just not his usual voice. He looked at me, did it, she flushed, and apologized to him for her mistreatment. I know this is a mild bad treatment,in comparison, but its in the realm, and I hope helps a smidge.
  10. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    The few spot mare, whose back my hubby is playing with the foal over, is 16+ hands
  11. 2Nd Foal Came Today

  12. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    Noel has not shed her foal coat yet, but here are some current pics. Born 12-13-2014
  13. 2Nd Foal Came Today

    Our herd was getting their yearly coggins done, on 4-24, when this happened. We had three Apps in, and three Apps tied to the trailer, waiting for the vet. Very cold that morning. Started out at 21, with frost covering everything in sight, but after nine, when the vet arrived, it was all gone. We had a grand time hanging out together, grooming lots of winter hair out of their coats, and my farrier son even did a needed trim. Was a good day, except for that wrong diagnosis. Times two actually, as we were told our other mare, who was also pasture exposed, was not in foal either. If our regular vet is well enough, we hope he can make it out for a definitive diagnosis.
  14. 2Nd Foal Came Today