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    Hunting. Fishing. Mudding. Horse back riding. Hanging with friends. Photography. Drawing. Camping. Horse training. Breaking horses. Shooting guns. Laying on bales of hay. Lounging around. Being beside him. much more....
  1. Im Back! [Not A Rpg]

    What you mean in your dorky days wildhorsefeathers? Lol I think back then was everyone dorky day.... I remember you sakura, we did a lot of wolf boarded together as well lol. HIYA BRISTII!!..... hmmm Idk if I've meet you shamp I'm sure I have though. Man hc has changed a lot... its sad, I remember when it was horrible on being so active too active that you could be done an hour and be 3 to 4 pages behind on a board...
  2. Im Back! [Not A Rpg]

    Hey everyone, So I see HC has changed ALOT..... and incase everyone is wondering..... its abbie96?? If you all remember who I am lol. Just decided Id come back and see how everyone and everything was going... A lot to caught up on and talk about, and wanted to also say I missed you BOWLEGS AND EVERYONE ELSE!! I couldnt remember my email or anything so I had to make another account which was fine, cant wait to hear from everyone I use to RP with!!