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  1. Fate And Destiny

    hey... id really like to join.. ive never done a role play before. but i did write for the barrel horse news for a couple years i think this would be fun! can somebody give me a summary so i can jump right in?
  2. Go Big or Go Home...

    Can we get back to this?? id really like to join...
  3. ~~bit Question~~

    HA! agreed! Glorified paper weight (: definately made my day!
  4. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    lime green ostrich everything![/color]
  5. pegasus boots

  6. pegasus boots

    I've been using CLassic equine since 1007. Bell boots, polos, sport boots, saddle pad... everything! At open world this year i went to the pegasus booth and was impressed with them during the demonstration but was in a hurry and didnt buy them. After reading this im glad i didnt! With the price of everything and the economy the last thing i need is boots that wont last. Ive had the same pair of pink classic equine sport boots that ive had since '07 and they STILL WORK! the only reason i bought more was because i wanted different colors (; anywho.. ive never tried pegasus but im completely satisfied with classic equine legacy. My mares are happy too (: P.S. Ive put them in the washing machine multiple times and the velcro is still holding! im impressed I LOVE CLASSIC EQUINE!
  7. Saddles Saddles Saddles

  8. Saddles Saddles Saddles

    I ride in a circle y ostrich saddle. I love it, but if you dont have a good seat it isnt the one for you. the ostrich can be very slippery going around the barrel and im constantly in an english saddle working on my balance. I would reccomend a Martha Josey Barrel saddle. They're made by circle y and make you feel very comfortable. They dont have a noticably high back, but you can sit deep in the seat. The horn is long and feels good during your runs. I have found that Circle Y saddles last and fit just about any horse/pony. I will say, theyre not cheap. but theyre well worth it. I wouldnt trade my circle y for anything! I wouldnt reccomend a pro-rider to ANYBODY. I have one of those as well and i am NOT satisfied.
  9. Which Hackamore

    I had an Arab mare one who was hard to stop, i tried every bit on her and ending up riding her in a hack. I went to a Charmayne James clinic and she put her signature "charlie" bit on my mare. It worked! it isnt a very harsh bit, bit it worked to turn and stop her. I would definately reccomend trying that.
  10. Getting Her Mind Off Of Things

    I agree, slow work slow work slow work!! My uncle Chris used to say: "Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up" RIP CHRIS

  12. Your Opinions On Using The Saddle Horn And Tie Downs!

    Dont.. nor will i ever use a tie down on a barrel horse, absolutely not.