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  1. There's A New Boot Coming On The Market....

    Looks like a cheap knock of the renegades... I have a pair of both the renegades and the vipers by renegade.
  2. Horse Behavior Question

    Thank you smilie... I did go back and reread the OP and I agree with you that the OPs horse is more aggressive than mine. And should be stopped in his tracks. I apologize, I just have been trying to multitask and missed the whole OP.. =\
  3. Horse Behavior Question

    Just to be clear, for me, ears PINNED and BACK are 2 different things. Pinned to me is aggression and is not tolerated. But back, as in listening behind, Yoda ears, or anything besides facing forward, including, "I don't like this but I'll do it"... I could careless about. Even my trainer told me not to worry about it. He may pin his ears for a stride when I first ask for a canter departure some days, I push him through it, rinse and repeat until I can see light between his ears and his neck. Canter departures were painful for him a year ago. I feel he's still figuring out that's his hocks are not as sore.
  4. Horse Behavior Question

    I have a gelding that you described to a "T". The only one who is his equal is my mare. He is a tester, he'll be excellent for 2,3,7 days, then the next, BAM we have to reassert whose boss again. Its just our " routine"... To me, its worth it. When we he is behaving, he makes my heart melt. We have a bond that is untouchable with any of my other horses. I had surgery recently, the first day I went back out to the pasture, he met me at the gate, let me lean on him and kept my half draft who is a clumbo and my mini whose a pusher, away from me. I slipped and I yanked his mane pretty hard, he just took it... So, Jubal is right... Work work and more work. It'll be worth it... Oh and Czar, does also have his ears back while being worked.. I don't care, as long as he is listening... He is just telling me he doesn't like it... But I remember lots of times where I was told to do something and "had my ears back" but did it anyway because I was told to.
  5. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    That is fantastic! High fives to you both! A good friend of mine received a kidney over the summer, swing her go from "I can't ride that long," to seeing pictures of her looking much better is unreal! I can only imagine how you feel that your superman has received 2! Lungs successfully! Here's to many happy hikes and completing that bucket list!!!
  6. A Quick Pic To Share

    So jealous!
  7. "buck" The Movie

    Do it Serah!!! Maybe if Mosley gets jealous she'll quit self mutilating. ;)
  8. Reina Crossed The Bridge On New Years Eve

    (((Hugs))) I'm so sorry for your loss Heidi. She will always remain with you in spirit.
  9. Video On Facebook

    ED BEING GOOD: http://youtu.be/DgtSB6YFO5Lbc Ed can also be good... You tube it if that link didn't work. His riders name is Ross.
  10. My Pooch's Roller Coaster...

    Just refilled his Rx for 2 more weeks..he has been on a roll with good days. I'll keep taking them!
  11. Doggy Bad Luck.

    Aww I'm so sorry! You must of had a more aggressive form then what I'm dealing with. Ike doesn't have tumors in his mouth and can still breath through his mouth pretty good. Big ol hugs for you and shoulder to cry on. I understand completely what you just went through.
  12. Doggy Bad Luck.

    Oh no!! I'm so sorry! Lots of hugs to you! Have you an your vet talked about anti inflammatory drugs? Please update with how the vet appointment went... More hugs...
  13. My Pooch's Roller Coaster...

    Ike had a very don week last week. He would wake up happy but then by afternoon he would just lay around and be tired... Poor guy. Just when I was talking with hubby about it being time, He perked up and has had a fabulous last few days. He was a fetching machine this morning. :) So,I refilled his Rx and well see where it goes. Yes we have cuddled a lot more than we usually do... He's not the cuddly type.
  14. My Pooch's Roller Coaster...

    I don't want to steal horseluvers thread but i want to share my story with her... I'm Very much hoping yours has a better ending than mine though... So, my Ike dog is terminal... Ike is 11 years old... an Australian Shep mix... We wonder if the mix part is corgi.. Does not matter... He's my WORLD. I have had him since I was 14... We have chased many, many cows, run agility, explored many trails, gone on many dates, moved in and out of a few places, finally landed on our feet and settled where we are... Now that we are in good hands, Ike has decided that it is okay to let his guard down and has become sick. He has groomed Thomas and Brad very well to take over guiding me through my life.. He has also groomed Thomas to watch over Weylin and be there for him as Ike was for me. This spring Ike started having a discharge form his nose. A mucusy substance that stuck to everything. Noticed he was having issues breathing as well as he should. So, took him to the vet, did x-rays, saw some bad teeth that could be the culprit... Started a round of antibiotics, pulled teeth a week later... finished antibiotics... a month passed, he still had discharge... But now its starting to have some blood in it... Decided to try more antibiotics because maybe the first round didn't get everything... no change... My vet refers us to Madison for biopsy.. I book a hotel room and take Ike down. Doc and I talk about Ike's past and I mention he has hemophiliac tendencies...She does the clotting tests, find that, indeed, he does have hemophiliac tendencies. She does not feel comfortable doing the biopsies so she schedules a CT scan for the following morning. CT scan shows a tumor that has already compromised the cartilage between his nasal passages, the bone under his eye, and the bone going towards his brain.. So he is on Melexicam (sp?) for an anti inflammatory for his comfort. We are down to every few day assessments. I have a calendar that I mark with red X's on his bad days.. When those day start out numbering the good days per week, then its time.. Till then, spoiling has commenced! We went camping for my birthday. The girls and I decided that the weekend was all about him! it will definitely be an adjustment for Thomas. All he has known is a pack.
  15. Doggy Bad Luck.

    I won't steal your thread, I'll start a new one so you can read about my journey... But hug and lots of them to you. You are very lucky to have been able to laser her.