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  1. Got Screwed Big Time.

    Some days I don't get people. You did a lovely job! GORGEOUS saddle.
  2. Beval Saddlery

    I just bought a used Beval Stamford, amazing close contact, easy to balance, wonderful, firm butter ride. Picture of it below.
  3. And I'm New! Looking For A Critque

    Awesome work! And I noticed that saddle was for sale in my hometown! You live nearby? Is it possible we know eachother?
  4. Purchased This Saddle

    Hello! I purchased this saddle at an auction for $50.00 with two pads and a girth... It has no identification mark. It is 15" I am wondering if It would be a good starter saddle for me to take lessons in? When I sit in it I have 3-4 fingers in both front and back. What is it worth if I need to purchase another saddle? Thanks.