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  1. Oh thx. the paint did LOTS of circles on the way there though!!! And then tried to eat that rug hanging on the rail. I swear that horse has adhd. He NEVER holds still. The bay went to sleep :)
  2. They got donuts! Lol the red machine is a Redbox movie station where you rent DVDs. I was returning one :)
  3. Where I can get a secondhand/used pair of halfrounds preferably mini?? ;)
  4. Lol!
  5. Lol ok! :)
  6. Thank-you for everyone's help and hard work when I post threads. :) I know I don't update like I should or get back here often but I assure you your help/work/input is tremendously appreciated and helpful. Oh and both my boys are doing great! Soooo.... thank-you thank-you thank-you!!
  7. Well when I find my renegades ill sell you my size 1s lol
  8. Yeah darn. I can't keep my epics on. And lazy yes but I don't want to deal with tape.
  9. This may not be allowed but technically I'm not selling anything. Anyone interested in trading my burgandy renegades 2w in new condition for size 1 or 0 in any color?
  10. Where do you get it? I recently discovered the tightest option and he STILL flipped one off at a canter *sigh*
  11. Gorgeous horse! Lucky you :)
  12. Hey I claimed them first!!!!! Lol