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    reining, working cow horses, hunters, jumpers, cutting, equitation, training, showing, living the horse show life.
  1. New From Florida.

    Another FL resident!! I'm from the webster area :)
  2. Mountain Horse Field Boots

    I have the Richmonds and I LOVE them. They have a thicker sole than the Ariat's which I wasnt used to at first, but they've been great boots!
  3. Hello From The East Coast!

    There's nothin wrong with that, thank you for the hello! I just got home from KY! lol
  4. Hello From The East Coast!

    Thanks so much, guys!!
  5. Standing Tied Quietly - A Few Questions

    I personally always leave my horses tied after I work them. The only way they are going to learn is by doing it over and over again. and They WILL figure it out pretty quick. if you stand there and babysit him, he isnt really learning anything. He learns if he paws, you probably go over to him. A lot of horses get like that. Is there any chance you could tie him in and empty stall for a bit?
  6. Hello From The East Coast!

    Anyone else out here?? I live part time in the northeast and part time smack dab in the middle of FL.
  7. Reining?

    Ive competed in reining for years, spending a lot of those years in the country's top 20 and I wouldnt change a thing about it. There are things I dont agree with in the disciple, but you're going to find that in any aspect of this sport. But reining as a whole, I think it makes up great and very useful horses. I just wish I wasnt so hard on the horse's legs. I would however, change western pleasure do to the fact there is nothing natural about it. reining, however, you can take just about any reining horse and compete at a high level of dressage. They are just that broke. Its not for everyone, but I dont see how someone couldnt get addicted to it!!
  8. Preferred Saddle Pad Brand

    I love impact gels. they are good on the horses back and have a low profile. the only issue is that do make them sweat a lot and are expensive.
  9. Hey Ropers..

    Here's my beast! This is Roanie (funny how he is roan, huh?) He is hancock bred, 7 years old, and about the best thing to ever walk the face of the earth! This is him and I :)
  10. Where's Everyone Headed?

    Hey guys! Where are you all headed this show season? Any big plans? Goals? Exciting news? Anything?!