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  1. The Hayhut is designed for horses. Goats climb on in and around everything. Had goats.

  2. Hello Heidi. The hut will totally protect the bale from all elements. Please go to The rounded edges protect the manes. It is for a bale you are feeding not storing. Put the bale on a pallet and the hut over the whole thing and the hay will keep until it is gone.

    I see you are suffering with crohn's. I am sorry to hear of that. Best of luck in all you do!

  3. Hello. The hay hut is a VERY good idea and does work well for horses. It would be a good investment.

  4. The hut may look flimsy but it is as tough as nails!! It is flexible and made of polyethylene plastic. Will not rust,bend or rot.

  5. If you were interested in it then, you should have bought it. The price tag is $725.00 now.