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  1. Problem Horse - St. Louis, Mo

    Hello there, I have a horse in the St. Louis area who cannot stand tied. He hurts himself and others (after ripping out anything he's attached to. I.e. bars/rails/etc.) Anyone know anyone in the midwest area who can fix these problems?
  2. Fall Fun Show

    Not sure if this is in an inappropriate location,b ut wanted to let everyone know that our barn is holding a fun show (with costume class!) on October 15th in Byrnes Mill MO http://www.mohorseshows.com/11SE/BMS/111015%20FSB.pdf $2 entrance fee Concessions They do house horses overnight if anyone is coming from far away and needs to stay over night! This is gonna be so much fun!
  3. Does ANYONE know of show judges in St. Louis MO that return calls?! We lost our show judge for an OCtober 15th show... I'm running out of options Thanks!
  4. Six Years And Still No Buyer...

    We found a home for our mare!! YAY! :)
  5. Six Years And Still No Buyer...

    What does the mare do? 400/month? Yea, that's incentive to sell!
  6. Six Years And Still No Buyer...

    FIFTY BUCKS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What does she do?? Are you taking it??
  7. Six Years And Still No Buyer...

    Horses are animals that need jobs. Sure, I could put her out in a field and just maintain her for the rest of her life, but she'd be bored out of her mind. I want to show and compete, I have a horse I lease. My mom has a horse she shows and rides. How is it fair to take away her job and put her out to pasture when tehre's good riding time left in her? SweetTalk is dead on - why keep a horse around if you're not going to utilize it? Besides, 325 a month? That's a car payment. part of rent. Things for a human's survival. Trust me, she's a good girl. I'm not going to send her to an auction, but keeping a horse around just because she's a good horse doesn't make sense for me or the horse.
  8. Six Years And Still No Buyer...

    You guys are all right.... I guess we need to reconsider the price. We've always posted a little high, expecting to bargain down. And to the right home, we've all but considered giving her away. The cantering is not BAD. She's fun to ride, it's not hard to sit, it's not uncomfortable, she just won't be a show horse. And we pay 325/month board, so keeping her is not an option. If I had my own place I wouldn't even QUESTION it. She'd be mine forever and that'd be that. The horse market sucks. I wish there was a way to regulate back yard breeders. I know our local humane society is overrun with horses - you can get decent donated horses for like 200 bucks. Absolutely insane. Ah well, the search continues!!
  9. So, we inherited a QH mare from a family member about six years ago. She's amazing - I can do ANYTHING on her. She's smart and willing. She competes well at fun shows, but will never advance beyond that. confirmationally she's sound, but has an irregular canter that is hard to bring in for pleasure shows. very few vices all things considered... no biting, kicking, rearing, refusing, bucking, ANYTHING like that... And yet, we've had her for sale for six years and can't seem to find the right home! Now, I don't mean she's been listed for sale that whole time, but off and on, we try to find her a good home. It seems like she's CURSED!!!!! We have lessees... they love love love her at first, then randomly just disappear... people come see her and she rides like a DREAM and we never hear back. What is going ON?!!?! Does anyone have any advice?? What do you do to sell your horses? I've never had a problem before, but we just can't seem to place her with the right rider. ..
  10. Beval Saddlery

    OOOO tres jealous!! Do you love it already?!
  11. So glad it's not 110 degrees anymore! Even if it IS raining! :) Hello open windows.

  12. Too Hot To Trot?

    Yoikes! AAAAAND... that's why I board! I pay someone else to do that! (Though, I do miss stacking hay and fixing t-posts)
  13. Too Hot To Trot?

    Thanks guys!! I skipped it. We rescheduled for Sunday, but I think I'll end up skipping that one, too. And yea... it's been at least 5 consecutive days of ACTUAL temp over 100... that does not include humidity or heat index. I've been spending my weekends shopping for fun horse stuff... in cool stores. My horses are getting breaks!! I cannot WAIT for fall. And to move NORTH!!! This weather is stupid. I'm so tired of not being able to walk to my car without feeling like I'm drowning! I prefer forty to eighty for riding, and I'm sure my horses are more like 20-60! So, everyone in hot places, what will you do this weekend?

  15. Beval Saddlery

    http://www.beval.com/Products/Stamford/1465002.aspx So I'm totally in love with this saddle... it's like riding in butter. Firm butter... that helps your position and feels AMAZING.. Anyone ever ridden in a Beval? Do they hold up? I know they're american made. can't decide if I want to take the plunge and buy it...