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  1. Balancing College And Horses

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Balancing College And Horses

    Hi! I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia, and I am currently in a Program Development course. I am doing research toward a needs assessment for college students who have horses, as I have known many people who have experienced difficulties balancing the two. If you could take a few minutes to complete this survey, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  3. Is This Horse Worth Hanging Onto?

    I'm not going to tell you you're too inexperienced, or the horse is "crazy", because frankly I don't know either of you enough to make that call. But I do know your story sounds a lot like mine, and a close friend finally sat down and told me something that stuck in my head and got me through making the decision to sell my first horse. It doesn't have to be like this. We have horses as something to provide happiness, an escape from our daily lives and something that we look forward to. There is nothing in the world wrong with saying you know what, I spend all of my free time and money on this and I just don't think I'm getting the benefits I should. Now I'm not saying every time my horse frustrates me I'm going to kick him to the curb. But when it comes to an issue of safety and trust with your horse, you will have trouble truly relaxing with this mare and enjoying your time. We all want to be the star of a Lifetime movie and rise above all odds and cure a rank horse against what everyone else believes, but that's just one success story. They never include the hundreds upon hundreds of people who attempt this and end up hurting themselves, their horse, or others in the process. There's no shame in saying that the horse is simply not what you bargained for. And don't feel guilty at all selling her, you're not giving up on her, you're giving her the opportunity to overcome her issues with someone else who is more qualified to do so. And again, this has nothing to do with you being a bad horseperson. You probably didn't get into riding to cure problem horses, not many people do. It doesn't mean you have failed, you have simply decided that you just weren't a good match and this isn't what you want for your hobby. My first horse was simply too much horse for me, and people respected me so much more for admitting that than frustrating us both by attempting to fix a problem I simply wasn't meant to handle. I just want to remind you that nobody says to give up on her because they feel you aren't a good rider or don't have talent, they say it because most of us have been in this spot. It eventually could wear you down and make you walk away from riding altogether, I've seen it happen. Most people feel like if they can prevent others from going through the same pains they've experienced they will get very passionate about it. You're not quitting on her, you're giving both of you a second chance to find who you really belong with.
  4. Rain Rot

    I've definitely seen great results with MTG too. Also, I spray down all of my western saddle pads with athlete's foot spray since it has an anti-fungal, and clean all of my tack and halters regularly during the rainy season. We had a case go around my old training barn and nobody could figure out why we couldn't get rid of it, but some girls weren't cleaning their tack.
  5. Where Can I Find Show Clothes?

    The best deals I've found are at local and even breed shows. People put up fliers and some shows even had tack consignment. I got a few really nice shirts for around $50 simply because people get sick of their outfits and want to buy something new. Ebay also is a good place to find some good deals, just be sure they give you close up pictures of cuffs, collars and zippers to be sure nothing is wrong with it.
  6. Getting A Horse Rodeo-Ready

    That is such a good point, I never thought about it that way. I just have been hoping that every rodeo lets us have a dry run in the arena, but I agree, he needs to not even do a double take. Thank you so much for your reply, because my usual plan of attack is to let him see everything, smell everything. Well, as you know it's pretty hard to stop in the drill to let your horse get a good whiff of the crowd! lol Such a better idea. I will try that this weekend at the rodeo and let you know how it goes. I also am going to start throwing sheets over the fences at home and running him by them. I also took him off his sweet feed and performance supplement, as I had him on those to get him pumped for barrels. He's on just his lower protein pellets so hopefully that will make a difference too.
  7. Platinum Performance

    Has anyone used this product? If so, have you noticed your horse getting hot? My QH used to be fairly spooky, and we went about 3 years without any unpredictable behavior. Recently I put him on Platinum Performance and he spooked pretty bad at a rodeo a few weeks ago, and I'm noticing he's getting his buck back sometimes. Part of this may be that I'm going through a rough time and I probably pull up to the barn a little more tense than usual, but I was wondering if it may be the supplement.
  8. Getting A Horse Rodeo-Ready

    Thank you so much! Yes it is a BLAST, which is why I realllly want him to get comfortable. We ran our first drill performance at the first rodeo he'd ever been to. For his first time, I felt like he did well considering he's an anxious horse. He did end up shying and it altered the drill, not a total failure, but it was noticeable. I'm afraid being the new girl as well that some of the girls may get frustrated with him and ask me to bring a different mount. They said for the upcoming rodeo this weekend I can perform the drill as long as I ride any horse other than my own. I told them I would rather wait for my horse to get accustomed to it, so we're just running the grand entry and getting some exposure. That's a great idea to go to other rodeos, I hadn't thought of that!! I'll definitely upload pics and videos of our progress becoming a drill pair :)
  9. Getting A Horse Rodeo-Ready

    So I recently joined a high speed precision drill team that performs mainly at rodeos. My horse does excellent in practice, is extremely easy to control, and never fusses even when most new horses do. We went to our first rodeo however and we're running into some trouble getting him used to it. I don't think the noise bugs him as much as, if they change ANYTHING in the arena between our practice runs and the real performance, he notices and shies away from the rail. Clearly, the arena will never look the same from warm up to performance, any ideas on how to get a horse used to rodeos?