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  1. Should be Trump's Press Secretaries... Make Press Briefings great again!!!

  2. College kids needing counseling, passes on mid-terms because they don't like the election results? Safe Spaces if someone offends their delicate sensibilities?Remember the good ol' days, when we had ways to cull out the weaklings before they got grow'd?https://www.metv.com/lists/12-reasons-kids-from-the-60s-and-70s-shouldnt-be-alive-right-now

  3. When the bubble pops and gas prices shoot back up, some folks will be ahead of the curve!

  4. Something of historical interest specifically for horse folk...

  5. Sometimes, the bull... He wins.

  6. Okay weather (an 2015 in general), I am now at Condition Popeye!

  7. Amazon has Millwater's FARRIERY trade paperback for almost $5 off...

  8. Johnny Bowman's video from Oklahoma...I couldn't resist fixing the camera orientation for those of us watching on desktop monitors who don't want a crick in our necks!

  9. At two weeks old, Sky is happy to stick her nose in a halter and go with me on lead... Except she thinks I'm too slow and tries to drag me along. Amazing thing is she can pretty much do it, and I'm 6'2", 245# of blacksmith!It occurs to me that I bred our strongest Belgian draft mare, essentially an equine semi-tractor, to an athletically gifted Quarter Horse stallion, which is an equine top fuel dragster...So, basically, Sky is the equine version of this!

  10. We really needed colts this year... But I know it's not right to ***** and moan *too much* about getting robustly healthy fillies when other folks have had far greater troubles with foaling than getting the wrong gender this season.So I think I should express my appreciation for our mares and their fillies... It got too long for a status post, so it went to the blog...