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  1. Should be Trump's Press Secretaries... Make Press Briefings great again!!!

  2. College kids needing counseling, passes on mid-terms because they don't like the election results? Safe Spaces if someone offends their delicate sensibilities?Remember the good ol' days, when we had ways to cull out the weaklings before they got grow'd?https://www.metv.com/lists/12-reasons-kids-from-the-60s-and-70s-shouldnt-be-alive-right-now

  3. When the bubble pops and gas prices shoot back up, some folks will be ahead of the curve!

  4. Something of historical interest specifically for horse folk...

  5. Sometimes, the bull... He wins.

  6. Okay weather (an 2015 in general), I am now at Condition Popeye!

  7. Amazon has Millwater's FARRIERY trade paperback for almost $5 off...

  8. Johnny Bowman's video from Oklahoma...I couldn't resist fixing the camera orientation for those of us watching on desktop monitors who don't want a crick in our necks!

  9. At two weeks old, Sky is happy to stick her nose in a halter and go with me on lead... Except she thinks I'm too slow and tries to drag me along. Amazing thing is she can pretty much do it, and I'm 6'2", 245# of blacksmith!It occurs to me that I bred our strongest Belgian draft mare, essentially an equine semi-tractor, to an athletically gifted Quarter Horse stallion, which is an equine top fuel dragster...So, basically, Sky is the equine version of this!

  10. We really needed colts this year... But I know it's not right to ***** and moan *too much* about getting robustly healthy fillies when other folks have had far greater troubles with foaling than getting the wrong gender this season.So I think I should express my appreciation for our mares and their fillies... It got too long for a status post, so it went to the blog...

  11. Finally managed to get a few minutes of daylight...

  12. On certain nights, when the moon is right,Down by the that dark footpath,You can hear three young men screaming...And you can hear one old man laugh.

  13. FaceBook really needs to work on their video interface... For starters, having the default volume set to 100%, with the volume control unavailable unless the video is actually playing, can be a bit hard on the ears.

  14. He ain't wrong, he's just different. But his pride won't let him change to make you think he's right.

  15. You might think that...I couldn't possibly comment.

  16. Weight Limit On Trimming And Shoing?

    I've been in the business a pretty good while, and don't recall even hearing of a "weight limit"... Now, some farriers don't shoe drafts. Aside from being big & heavy with hooves that take much more physical work, they require shoes (or bar stock) and nails in sizes and types so rarely needed that it makes no sense for most farriers to keep them in inventory. Plus, "gentle giant" reputation notwithstanding, a lot of the big drafters come from Amish and other result-oriented folks who don't bother to train them to stand for shoeing without stocks. But if we're just talking about a 1400# riding horse, I wouldn't expect that to require a specialist. .
  17. ? On How You Guys Breed Studs And Mares

    {Aaaand... In a senior moment, I didn't notice how old this thread was until after I'd replied to it... But, since we're in the midst of breeding season here, and this was on my mind anyway, may as well play Thread Necromancer.} Okay, right now we have the luxury of breeding only our own mares, one at a time. So we clean the stud up. Wait until the mare appears to be fully into heat. Take her into the stallion's paddock, and hand-breed to make sure she's really ready. (Especially with the stud's first cover of the season, he might be over-aggressive. So we like to keep things under control.) While everyone is kinda' mellow after the first cover, we turn them loose and leave them to it. I like to see them make a good cover every day during the heat. The current stallion was apparently accustomed to hand-breeding, so sometimes I'll just go out and hold the mare for him (unnecessary, as she's happy to stand, but it seems to make him more comfortable) to make sure the daily cover happens. There will usually come a day when their ardor escalates, and multiple covers happen. Probably right at ovulation... A day or so later, she'll start rejecting his advances. I will separate them at this point. They could stay together just for company if the stallion is cool about it... But my old stallion got the scent of another mare coming into season, senility and/or wishful thinking caused him to think his favorite mare was back in, and he went after her until she panicked and hurt him pretty bad kicking him off before I could intervene. (2200# Percheron mare kick is like getting hit by a truck.) So, when they're done, I split 'em up now. Then we wait for the next mare to come into season, clean up the stud, and repeat the process. In other operations, when we had multiple mares needing to be bred at the same time, we'd hand-breed the stallion twice a day. Scheduling each mare to get covered every other day starting her second or third day of observed heat. (Maybe fourth day if we knew the mare was prone to long heats. They usually ovulate near the end of the heat, so breeding such mares early in their estrous is just "exercise" for the stud.) We'd continue every-other-day covers on each mare until she rejected the stud. Every-other-day hand breeding had a very good success rate. One-on-one paddock breeding theoretically has the highest possible probability of conception. If it takes more than a firm hold, a little reassurance, and a good tease-up to get a mare, even a maiden, to stand for a cover, she is not ready to be bred. .
  18. Kirby is week old today, and she finally came to me in the big paddock rather than us having to hem her up... Good thing to, as she's gotten WAY to fast and agile to easily corner.Anne says we're spoilt. All of Spec's foals were born looking for people.I kneel to make eye contact with the filly. She gums my hat brim a bit (although she is already cutting teeth). Puts a hoof on my knee, and lifts herself up enough to put her other leg over my shoulder. Huggy-horse!Anne says I can't...

  19. Go home, Winter. You're drunk!(Hope the girls hold those colts in until the weekend!)

  20. Maybe I should take a book detailing equine gestation and a calendar out to the paddock and try to explain things to Lucy... She is a rookie at this, after all. 8)