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  1. Weekly Photography Challenge #5 2012

    Sorry if I'm late, Iv'e been in Texas for the last week and I'm just now getting back. Here is an old guy I saw while in Texas, to me he looks like Texas, And this is a picture of my wifes and my "old" boots on the stairs after a day of riding.
  2. How To Get A Better Whoaaa.....

    Don't switch bits this can be confusing to the horse, you are doing great you just need to keep doing it. Don't forget the reward (release) when she does stop, don't just keep pulling until she backs, right now you are only looking for a stop nothing more, and don't forget, don't start pulling on the reigns until she takes that step after you ask for the stop. It should be "Say whoa, feet forward, sit back, wait for her to take a step then pull the reigns. You want her to know that taking that step after you asked her to stop is what got her punnished. Does that make sense? Once you get the stop you can move on to bigger and better things, don't make it complicated. Make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard.
  3. How To Get A Better Whoaaa.....

    Your right...but when training a horse to stop you need to use the bit as a last resort. To me it's like getting your kids to do the dishes, I ask first,if they don't do them then they feel my hand apon their butt. Ask first with voice "Whoa" seat and legs, if no stop then go to the bit. It doesn't take long for them to realize if they stop when asked they will never feel the bit. But I have to say you as a rider have a responsibility to remember this. You can do just as much damage by using the bit to stop a horse that is taught to stop off leg and seat cues and most people do it without even thinking.
  4. How To Get A Better Whoaaa.....

    A good stop is something I demand and I won't go any further with training until I have a good stop. I'll break it down for you. A stop is something your horse wants to do for the most part. It's just that he needs to know when you want him to stop. So at first I start out with very exaggerated cues. I start out by asking my horse to move off by putting my hands and body forward, squeezing with my legs and clucking. I let him walk off for a few minutes then I ask for the stop by doing each of these steps about 1 second apart. Say whoa, take my legs off and sit back. At a walk you are looking for him to not take another step after you sit back, so if he takes a step after you sit back, pull back on the reigns hard enough that he feels it until he comes to a stop. Repeat these steps as long as it takes. As long as you do everything the same, and in order you will see that he will anticipate the stop and will stop before you have to pull on the reigns. If you let him take any steps after you ask for the stop he will always take these steps. After he stops every time at a walk start over at the jog and progress to the lope. Have fun and good luck.
  5. Weekly Photography Challenge #3 2012

    Ok so I was just called a liar by my wife She says he was only 5 feet long, I still think he was at least 6-7 feet long! I should think a man would know how long his snake is!
  6. Weekly Photography Challenge #3 2012

    Why do you say that? Oh I see, after looking up some facts I see they only grow to about 6 feet or so. Well I could be off a bit but not by much. I am 6 feet tall and I know I could hold him by the tail with my hand above my head and his head would be about 6" from the floor.
  7. Weekly Photography Challenge #3 2012

    I shot this ISO 160 1/8 sec @ 2.8 I used Topaz to sharpen the image.
  8. Weekly Photography Challenge #3 2012

    We use to have a Ball Python named "Monty Python" but when he got to 8 feet and went from rats to small rabbits we decided to give him to the Staten Island Zoo. He passed away at 18 years old and about 9 feet long. I still miss him
  9. Weekly Photography Challenge #3 2012

    Wow Jeff says thanx for the mention! He says he is glad you didn't pick red cause his owner would have had to spray paint him!! Well here are my picks for the macro work. I'm glad you picked this topic. It made me start looking at everything just a little closer, thats when I realized how beautiful these spurs really are. Thanx.
  10. Weekly Photography Challenge #2 2012

    SNAKE! This is Jeff my Emerald Tree Boa
  11. Bit Essentials

    Snaffles work by applying pressure to the bars of the mouth, that being said any bit that is jointed between the bars will have a nutcracker effect no matter how many joints there are. Bits that are double jointed offer more tongue relief and less chance of the joint hitting the roof of their mouth.
  12. Bit Essentials

    Pinchless snaffles! I have several from training snaffles to snaffles with crickets. I start everything with a snaffle and when I get a problem horse I also start them from scratch with a snaffle. If they give easly in a snaffle I will graduate to a short shanked bit and so on. I SOOOOO agree with Smilie on the "gimmic bits" a bit should never replace good training.
  13. Weekly Photography Challenge #1 2012

    My favorites from 2011 This first picture is my horse. I took like 100 pictures of his eye before I got this one. This one is from a Freestyle Motocross performance I was working. I had to guess on the exposure and focus because the subject was moving so fast there was no time to read the camera meter. This one I had printed and I gave it to a good friend and photographer who inspired me to get back into photography.
  14. Camera People

    Well jumpin jax its a very nice entry level camera. The only thing I can tell you is have fun and post lots of pictures. There is a few books out there that might help, one of them is photography for dummies. It's a very good book and explains things very well. One of the hardest things for me changing to digital was the fact that I was not limited to only 30 pictures and I could shoot all day and not have to worry about processing costs. So like I said take lots of pictures and have fun!
  15. My First Grandbaby

    Just a few shots of my grandson, he's our first grandbaby and we are having a ball!