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  1. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    OK! Thanks SO much! I'll try to fix my center of balance :). I'll ask my trainer lady about it and hopefully she can help me out. The lady I take lessons from hasn't seen him at halter yet (we've only had 1 lesson with her so far - and it was barely a lesson)... She uses Clinton Anderson methods. I'll look for 'Roundpen Reasoning' in places... hmm... my friend has a billion horse training DVD's, maybe she has it. I don't think we have a library in our town except at school.. but I will definitely look for it. Yeah I kind of had a death grip on his rope... and I always do at shows. He was trying to rip the lead out of my hand and I didn't want him to get away from me in front of the judge :/ .. (gosh, you should have SEEN my hands after that class, all rope burned and stuff. It hurt! ) Surprisingly, we didn't do too horribly in that halter class. He was definitely the naughtiest one there, but the judge said she really liked his confo, so we placed 6th out of 8. He's not ever very well behaved at halter. I'll agree, he's very very VERY easily bored and always ALWAYS needs something to entertain him (AKA running. His very favorite thing to do - even though I shouldn't always let him do it). And I'll admit, I'm not a good handler either. I'm definitely most of the problem. I get obsessively nervous at shows like that because I worry about how he'll behave. I literally got 2 hours of sleep that night because I was up all night worrying about it. I knew he was going to act that way, but for some reason I didn't scratch him. Thanks so much again! You were a lot of help!
  2. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    CLICK HERE for the video! :) Here's the recent video! It shows how he behaves at halter and it shows me riding without goofing around Hopefully I don't bounce around or yank at his mouth... I don't think I do, but I never know ...
  3. What Colors Or Special Tack To You Use ?

    Lime green is our colors! :) We have... Lime green game reins Lime green breastcollar Lime green SMB's Lime green curb strap Lime green saddle blanket Lime green braiding bands (yes, we are crazy!) Lime green charm for his headstall! So we're pretty green! he looks stunning in it too! :) Makes him stand out!
  4. Horse Slaughter

    Since it's illegal to transport horses in a double decked trailer... Why is it so bad for them to travel for so long? Think of the performance horses that travel all over the world to compete... They travel - not 100's - but 1000's of miles in a trailer/plane/boat/whatever they travel in.
  5. Horse Slaughter

    I think horse slaughter COULD be inhumane - and is sometimes - but if done right, it could be a good thing. I'd much rather see a dying horse to slaughter than to die a long, painful death of starvation or something. I wouldn't ever eat horse meat, that's just me. But I don't hate people who do. I would never send any of my horses to slaughter because they're not dying... But horses who have no possible way to live a quality life (like ones who are old, lame, have broken bones, etc) it would be nice to just end them HUMANELY.
  6. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    OK sounds learnable! :) Will do! And thanks for all the help!
  7. Critique My Barrel Run Please :)

    She looks really really great !!! (plus she's adorable - lovin' the sport boots!) I don't know how long you've been running her, but when you're ready I would really push her on the home stretch and in other parts, she looks like she's barely trying in some parts! (like between barrels) She looks like she could be super fast if you push her though! I envy her!
  8. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    I would never ever annoy or hurt my pony on purpose! He's mine and i love him very much!!!!!!!! That's why I got lessons! I'm getting lessons twice a month for the rest of the year, so I can improve and have more fun!
  9. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    I did already get rid of it!! :) I guess I should have said USED TO. . Now I ordered this bit I read your link.. WHOAH! THAT'S ALMOST EXACTLY WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH! Man, didn't know that a bit could cause so much ruckus! And to someone above who posted about his teeth: I had his teeth floated by our vet (who can also do teeth) less than a year ago (I think it was like last October or November or something like that.).. he doesn't have any teeth problems and the vet said that he was good to go for another year since he lives in the pasture for most of the year (except dec., jan., and feb., where he's kept in both the pasture and in the barn. Depends on the weather)... And I don't usually direct rein. I neckrein 90% of the time. Only when we're in a bad situation and I really really need all control do I direct rein. thanks everyone!
  10. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    Thanks for your help! And for being nice! The lady that is giving me lessons is just a general western lesson trainer. She does Western Pleasure, reining, gaming, trails, basically everything western, and uses Clinton Anderson methods. I hope she's good, because she's literally the only trainer that gives lessons within a 3 hour radius of me Putts is usually pretty well behaved - when his feet are moving. WHen we're standing still, then he... well, I'll just have a video in a little bit (argh... can't find a USB cord to get the vids on here!) showing what he does at halter/standing still. It pretty much explains it. I ride him without a halter or anything (just a string/lead around his neck to steer) and he does surprisingly good. I can steer him perfect with the string and he goes on just a click/seat shift. (no leg aids needed). I also ride him *SOMETIMES* in a bosal hackamore thing, and it works just as well or better for him than any bit. When we ride in the arena to prepare for a show or something, I use either the Tom Thumb or the O-ring snaffle (If we're preparing for a show, I use the TT, if for a rodeo, a snaffle.) and he doesn't do too horribly - I mean - he has the occasional spook at some weird object or throws a slight fit, but he doesn't flip out like he does at shows. I'm thinking because of the stress maybe? Or maybe I ride different at shows (I can't really tell, I'm too busy being super duper nervous.)... It's kind of a mystery...
  11. Runny Nose

    2 of my ponies have a slight runny nose - it's not oddly colored, just like clearish whitish... But should I be concerned? I'm not sure. They're not sickly at all, haven't heard a cough or anything out of the ordinary, I'm just a worry wart. Should I be concerned and should I do something about it. Thanks.
  12. I'm not allowed to ride alone, I always ride with supervision. which is probably good. Nobody really rides 'with' me though. I don't have many friends who live close enough to ride with me, but sometimes I go on trail rides with my friends when we haul them to the same place or sometimes we have 4H horse workouts at the fairgrounds so I ride with friends then. When I ride, I just ride. In the arena, I work on bending (for barrels/poles) and turning on the forehand/haunches, and rollbacks (lots of them, they get Putts listening good), then I'll go out of the arena and just ride around and have fun in the pasture. then usually somewhere in there I'll take off the saddle and stuff and ride bareback, just because it's fun and teaches me to have a better seat. Sometimes, if we're on a roll, we'll work down to bareback/bridleless with just my game reins around his neck in loop so I can turn him easily. I just have fun mostly when I'm riding because that's what it's about :). Edit: oh yeah, then with my little ponies I'll work with the driving harness on the ground with Cocoa (without a cart) so she learns how to drive without pulling me around. And I'll just drive around on Star (my driving pony) and just bond and have fun. She loves it. And usually somewhere in there I'll work with Misty, too, with groundwork.
  13. Good Barrel Saddles!

    Hi I'm lookin for a good barrel saddle for me and my pony. Our current saddle is a pretty old Circle Y barrel saddle with full bars. It fits Putts alright, but not as well (in the back specifically) as I would like it to, so I'm looking for a different saddle. I really like barrel saddles, just because, to me, they're most comfy. I've tried trail saddles (too plain and not high-backed enough in general) I've tried pleasure saddles (too blingy, heavy, and just not for me.)... so I just want a good barrel/games saddle, because that's mainly what I do. Anyway, I like good quality saddles (duhh, lol), but I really don't want a new one because they're too costly... I'm not too good with brands so help me out here. I'm 13 and I'm paying for my new saddle myself, and I've estimated that if i babysit and mow lawns for the rest of the summer when I can, I can save up $400, but I don't want to have to save that much. I'd like to stay in the $250-$350 range. Of used saddles, of course. I'm pretty small, so I've figured out that a 13-13.5 inch saddle with semi QH bars will work well(right now my saddle's a 15 with fqhb and it's about 5 inches from me to the saddle horn. Lol).. I've sat in a couple of smaller saddles, a 12 in saddle is too small, a 14 in saddle works well, but my ideal size is a 13-13.5. Anyone got any good brands that you'd like to recommend to me? Or anything at all really. Anyone know any good people who sell good saddles on the internet? I've been googling and I've looked all through eBay, and found a couple of good ones. I'll post links later so you can tell me if the ones I've found are good brands/quality. :)Thanks
  14. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    OK we found someone to give me lessons on Putts. She travels to you not you to her and gives you lessons on your own horse! :) She's also going to help me with barrels and poles! :) Would it help if I showed you another video to show you that I really don't always bounce around. Actually (I really don't like to sound cocky, but just to help my case here) I had this guy (who I barely even know) who's been showing and training Western Pleasure horses for 30 years come up to me and tell me that I have one of the best seats he has seen in a kid and that he likes the way I ride... I just don't like people on here thinking that I'm a suckish rider. I'll put another video up of me riding in my show last wednesday. It's much more recent than the one I linked earlier, and I'm not goofing around. It also has some of our halter class so you guys can see how he behaves there. I'll upload it but it might take a while. It might help you help me
  15. Can't Stand Still! And Rearing!

    In 4h shows (here, anyway) the rules say that I have to ride any horse over 5 in a shanked bit. No matter what I'm doing. At rodoes, I use either my O-ring snaffle or my eggbutt snaffle. He acts up there too, but the rearing isn't really a big problem at barrel races.