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  1. This is great! My trainer will normally wait til I'm out of the ring but my mother loves to make comments while I'm riding and it is the most annoying this possible in the ring..
  2. Am I Being Unreasonable?

    for bein such a loyal customer I think it's a perfectly reasonable request
  3. its been in the 100s past few days. early morning and late night rides when its not storming for me!
  4. Just An Update

    Well just thought I'd give an update on Sadie. I've had her for a lil more than 2 months and I could not be happier with how far she's come. We have managed to get a good canter and she is already taking small jumps and loves it! We even went out on our first outing to another barn and just rode some in the ring and went on a nice trail ride. Out of the 3 horses on the trail (ages 8, 11, and my 4 yr old) I am proud to say she was the bravest one and didn't spook at all even when a tractor 4 times her size backfired beside us. :) Taking her to her first show next week. I'm stoked! Here's some pics.. she just couldnt seem to figure out why this horse didn't move.. And critique if you'd like but I know my hands and legs aren't where they should be :/ http://s1118.photobucket.com/albums/k604/lucky-10/Sadie/
  5. this pony is just the cutest thing ever!! and congrats on your rounds!
  6. i..unfortunately do not think i could, but it looks like they're having so much fun!
  7. It appears to be a schooling show or a show just above schooling. I know the schooling shows I have been to don't care if adults ride a pony. You can always email the contact address and ask for the class specs?
  8. Amazing Horse/rider

    that is amazing!
  9. My Girls First X Rail

    This says it all. If she isn't totally comfortable just cantering I wouldnt even approach a jump. I know it can be tempting when you're excited to try jumping her but in the long run she'll be so much better if you wait til she has all the gaits down.
  10. What To Wear For Schooling Show?

    i think a solid polo is good. That's what I showed in when I did jumper. I would stay away from orange or red though. sometimes those colors don't come out good on video
  11. Bought My Own Horse

    thanks guys :) and oh yes we've had that happen before and it's quite interesting to watch them conquer the scary bag monster! haha
  12. Bought My Own Horse

    I agree. The video was taken at the old farm so people could see her movements when looking to buy. She has a quiet pasture buddy now and they get along great! :)
  13. Bought My Own Horse

    thanks to everyone! I'm really excited to be working her now
  14. Video From Horse Show....

    he is just too cute!
  15. Girth Cam.

    this is awesome!