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  1. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Okay, just to make this clear, I am going to close this topic because I put it in the wrong place (now that the thought of closing instead of deleting has been put into my mind). Not because I don't like what anyone is saying or anything like that. Just bear in mind that I AM new to this website.
  2. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Maye I should have posted this under a different category.
  3. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    I doubt anyone would be worried if I disappeared. Happy, if anything. LOL!
  4. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    In my opinion a debate is much more civilized than an argument.
  5. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    I really don't understand. I'm not refusing to heed advice. I'm trying to make peace and get the point across that I never disagreed with any of the advice that was given. I just didn't want to see people getting into arguments over something I posted. I like to keep peace as much as possible
  6. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Initiation process? FUN! (sarcasm) lol! Thank you
  7. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Oh my word! I have said a million and one times that I am going to geld him. It's like I'm speaking another language here LOL!
  8. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Fastfilly, you're right I didn't think about that I should have said that I was going to geld him. But I don't know why once people get it into their head that you are asking a question for a certain reason they can't get it straight that you are not. If you're tired of the questions you don't have to respond to them. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn. Would you rather hear the same questions a few times or have people too scared to ask making mistakes with their horses? I admit I have a bad habit of typing things in a way that they come across the wrong way and I apologize if I have done that recently. I would really like to make peace though. I don't mean to offend or tick anybody off, and I will try harder from now on not to do that. This is my official request to start fresh with any of you who will allow that.
  9. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    teampenninglady I'm not that young but oh well. I didn't argue the advice but oh well. And I'm not arguing your advise either, I agree with you.
  10. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    I'm not sure which one of us you are talking about........
  11. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    Blondyb, I appreciate very much your reasonableness. But it actually is the truth that I wasn't fishing for more answers. And it is the truth that I have planned all along to geld my colt. I was just wondering why some feel that way because I HAVE known very nice stallions whose owners really enjoyed them. I just wanted to know more about the reasoning behind this common opinion. But thank you for your kind comment
  12. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    I have planned to geld MY colt all along. I asked the question because I was curious about the reasoning, I honestly wanted to learn. I never repeated the question. It was a friend, not myself, that said anything on the subject. And for the third time, I deleted it because I didn't want people arguing, I didn't think about closing the thread.
  13. Why Do You See Me As An Enemy?

    It seems I have made a handful of enemies here... I'd just like to know what I have done wrong. I joined this website for the sake of learning more about horses and apparently that makes it okay to treat me like garbage. What went wrong in your brains that makes you feel better by attempting to make others feel worthless? And, as I already told *you*, I deleted that question for a reason. Just remember "no personal attacks are tolerated". So I just want to know, in a simple, NON-hateful way, what everybody's problem is with me.
  14. Dog Rescue People

    They may have a mind for working but they are mellow. They do make good indoor dogs with the right circumstances.
  15. I'll have you know I am 20 years old and I deleted the question to minimize conflict.