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    Driving horses, Shetland ponies
  1. Finding The Right Bit

    That is an common reaction with an green horse, I would let him wear the bit and learn to pack it. Of course there are some individuals who do not like their teeth banged (I cannot blame them!) and you just have to use some care when biting those.. which should be fine since you are not supposed to bang his front teeth anyways :) I would also pay attention to what type of mouthpiece you are using, Many miniatures and small ponies do not like an single broken mouthpiece, and require an finer mouthpiece (scaled down to size VS just made smaller) than what is commonly available. As far as I know Happy mouth does not make bits small enough for an mini. Your best bet would be, they carry the best mini and small pony selection I have found yet. Amie
  2. Post Your Driving Horse/pony Pics!

    I kind of assumed she was talking about the Overo in that pic being 14.1, and the Halfie in the next pic being 13.3. I thought the gray was a 37" mini. but I could be reading it wrong LOL. Amie in Oak Run, CA
  3. Post Your Driving Horse/pony Pics!

    Hi, new here, But I thought I would jump in and post pictures of my Boys under harness Louie with his new cart, still being dialed in Tuffy at a schooling HDT last year Amie in Oak Run, CA