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    Ranch Sorting, Breaking and Training and Cutting
  1. Seven's Vacation

    wild rose,i agree with you somewhat.a well experienced trainer should know at least some groundwork,but ive been training and showing for almost 40 years now.i have 6 world qualifiers in my barn as we speak,all of which i broke,trained,and either i showed or my teenage kids showed.and i dont start my horses out on groundwork.some of us are still old fashioned and believe in getting the work done from the saddle.if you have to teach a horse to flex by standing beside him,or if you cant take a horse away from the fence,use your hands and legs to adjust his body to sidepass,then your not a professional,88,check this horses back and withers for dry spots after every ride,and ask your trainer not to slouch back on that cantle.remind him,shoulders,hips,and heels should all be in line.
  2. Feeding The Hard Keeper

    cherokee is right.rice bran powder is cheap and it has 12%fat.
  3. Munge On Front Of Back Legs

    im with tpl123 on this one.down here in la.we run into alot of different types of penning gelding has that and the best thing i found was to keep it as clean as possible,use baby oil and every now and then use some eqyss spray or gel on it.
  4. Need Help Reading My Circle Y Serial Number

    i spoke with a salesman for circle y and he explained that the zero means that it is a different style tree. its not full qh or half qh bars.but he is going to find out and let me know,and when i find out,i will pass it on to you.
  5. Western Disciplines

    just remember,you have to find a dicispline that fits your horse.if the horse cant pick up on reining,that doesnt mean that the horse isnt any good.if this horse has a good handle but cant for some reason do reining,im like qheventer.i would go to ranch sorting,its a world of fun and its not,i have been sorting for ten years now,and i have yet to run into those that think they are better than you.
  6. What Do You Think The Best Fencing Is For Team Penning?

    if your going to use panels,six footers are high enough in your area.down here tyey use alot of brahmans and brahman crosses so they have a tendency to jump out if they feel jammed.but if you use panels,hang tarps or dark plastic on the inside of your panels,that way they are watching you and not trying to stick their heads out for an escape.please let me know if you need more info.
  7. Getting Started

    i ranch sort on a national level.first,how good of a rider are you,and how serious are you about it?
  8. New To Western

    no one could have explained it all better than you coloredcowhorse
  9. Need Help Reading My Circle Y Serial Number

    i have several circle y saddles that i use,but none have a zero on the fifth number.but i do have a circle y catalog,let me do some research and i will get back with you soon.
  10. Preferred Saddle Pad Brand

    i agree. smx does cost a little but your horses comfort is worth it. thats the only pads i have in my barn. i use some for training and others for shows.
  11. Bad Trainer?

    i really cant help you on the damaged car deal,but what i would like to suggest to everyone that needs help from a traineris please check his credentials.find out what they have done and how many horses they have trained sucessfully.i hate to say it but alot of people that can sit on a horse think they can train one.
  12. Crow Hoping While Throwing Rope

    it sounds like the gullets on your saddle arent wide enough for this horse,and when you lean foward,you put more pressure in this area.just a suggestion,at home lope your horse down the pen,and sit flat and throw your rope.keep its head up but stay on your pockets,that way you can determine if its hurting in the front end.
  13. Please Critique My 3 Year Old Mare

    shes still young.i dont know how good your farrier is but with the proper trimming and maybe some egg bar shoes on the front,she may straighten out enough in the front to make a header.please keep me posted.
  14. Riding Area

    everytime you have a covered area in the rain or snow its a good dont have much room to work with,like you said,but make the best out of some dry work such as trot a little ways,stop,back a step or two and do a rollback or trot in small circles concentrating on keeping his shoulders level.theres plenty of small things you can do in a small area.
  15. Correctly Riding A Buck?

    your right smilie,a show ring is not the place to train or season a youngster.and if your not sure about him being ready to show,then i would get rid of the doubt and train and season some more.i dont know anyone that wants to look like a fool in the ring.