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    The obvious, horses, outside, dirt, natural alternatives to medicine, health, fitness, nutrition, business, camping, hunting, western and learning as much as I can!
  1. Home school is going to be so great this year! Super excited and so grateful the Lord has blessed us with this amazing gift!

  2. Grateful for God, the Holy Ghost and the power of testimony. Good day.

  3. Ready for the Great and Dreadful day of the Lord.

  4. We will be blessed according to our Faith. Meaning there is no qualifying amount that you have to reach to receive blessings - but that ANY amount you have, you will receive equal blessings/knowledge to it.

  5. I love, love love that we can keep the kids safe from the germs AND the toxins, and save money too! TODAY & TOMORROW ONLYLooking for an all-natural, non-toxic solution to keeping your family well? Here's one solution . . .Start the school year off right with these high-frequency, all-natural wild-crafted or organic, non-toxic essential oils and Hand Sanitizer! TRUessence Essential Oils of course............ Contact me for the details........ :):):):):):):) Joy and Abundance to that !!!!!!!

  6. Savannah wrote her talk today for Primary, all by herself, and it was beautiful. That girl never ceases to amaze me!

  7. I am a person who fears God more than I fear man, and live in a society that fears man more than they fear God.

  8. How To Apply Cotton Balls With Thrushbuster

    Thank you! How often do you change the cotton.... every day?
  9. New Experience With Thrush

    Thank you Storey - he is pasture fed, a mix of grasses and other natural weeds and things. Where on the forum did you post the video about doing the cotton ball wedges? I would enjoy seeing that.
  10. My brain is fried! Got a lot done today... continuing tomorrow :)

  11. 44 pounds of FRESH peaches for 20 dollars - SCORE!!!!

  12. New Experience With Thrush

    Hey guys - thanks for your patience. I took some updated pics of his hoof. I tried the trick you recommended Trinity to see if it is a club foot, it seemed he has good flexibility in it. It is also apparent I am dealing with some white line issues as well. Poor guy! We are walking him on our gravel/dirt driveway as recommended. I haven't been able to shave the fetlocks so I hope these pictures can help a bit more than the previous ones.
  13. Baby appointment in 2 days .... YAY!!

  14. SO grateful that I get to take care of my kids at home, and know HOW to take care of them..... will be posting a blog about this later.... Just know that for now we have been able to avoid going to the doctor and have the girls pumped full of steroids this morning!!!