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  1. How Many Of You Need To Stand On Something To Mount?

    I have a 16.1 hh gelding. Im about 5.6 145 pounds. I had a completely shattered knee from a horrible softball injury, i had to get complete knee reconstruction in my left knee ( which is the one i normally mount with) I am able to get up but only looking very awkward. When im riding alone i will use a block to mount, but in public there isnt always a block to use, and it can be embarrassing with all those other people. But with my knee situation and having to protect that knee as much as i can i always try to use a block. People who judge dont always know the situation. I say forget the weird looks, and maybe some giggles. They dont know about my knee problem, giving them no right to laugh. Dont worry about them! :)
  2. How Long Did It Take For You?

    I bought this gelding about a month to a month and a half ago. Due to the weather and my boyfriends mare being crabby i have not ridden him that much, but am down there at least 4 days a week to see him and say hi. I really want to feel a deeper connection with him than i do now. I was just wondering how long it took all of you to feel the connection you wanted with a new horse?
  3. Good? Okay? Bad?

    Yeah the other picture didnt do her justice in any way!
  4. Good? Okay? Bad?

  5. Good? Okay? Bad?

    Well we ended up getting her, couldnt say no when you could crawl under her without even an ear perk! I guess that picture was taken when she was 3, and she is now 4. Honestly looks completely different to me. But she is a puppy dog, and exactly what we wanted, even if she isnt perfect.
  6. My New Mare

    @ Missyclare Thank you so much for all your help! I got her some probiotics, and have been adding them to a little bit of grain once a day, her attitude has completely changed since being at her new home for a couple weeks, she was alot better for the ferier then i thought she was going to be so i was very happy, and now she is doing better with me handling her feet, she's still a little picky on her back feet, but the ferier said it was probably because her previous home was aggressive with her while dealing with her feet, and once she realized we were there to help it was like a completely different horse. Now she comes to me from the pasture, and will follow me around, she has completely changed for the better!
  7. My New Mare

    I Just had her teeth done, and she said that she was 8 years old
  8. September Photo Contest

    This is my cousin Marissa and her mare Lucy. These were taken for her senior pictures
  9. Good? Okay? Bad?

    Thank you guys! And yes i asked her if i could post it for some critiques and she said she didnt mind a bit. Well she's only 450 dollars, so we both figured that we are going to set her up with a local trainer who is also going out with us on wednesday to ride her and tell us what he thinks of her.
  10. Good? Okay? Bad?

    According to the women we are buying her from she says that it's her daughters horse (who decided she wanted a horse a year ago, she's 100 and then got board of it) she's supposed to be dead broke, he has more experience with horses than i do, he's ridden all his life, just doesnt really know what to look for in purchasing one. It's just going to be a trail, team penning, ranch type horse
  11. Good? Okay? Bad?

    My boyfriend is going to look at this mare on Wednesday. But he knows nothing about what to look for in a horse, and frankly i dont either So do you guys have any input??? She's 4 years old, and about 15.3hh
  12. My New Mare

    She's on pasture right now, but the ground is very soft so she's not on rocks or anything like that. Thank you so much, ill head down to the feed store this afternoon to look for that! The only problem with her is that she hates her feet being touched which causes another problem for me, she tries to kick you and wiggle out of having her feet picked in anyway. So scrubbing them out and everything (especially where im at since there is no running water down to that field) is a little bit harder for me to do, but i will attempt to see if i can clean them at least a little bit and do the vinegar spray. KC isnt really short for anything they named her kaycee and i just didnt like having to spell it out everytime :) Im not sure if i like the name, but i dont really know how important it is to keep the horse with the same name, she doesnt really respond to it anyway. Do you recommend any other supplements to give her? I really have no idea what im supposed to be giving her if anything. She has a trace mineral salt block that she loves, but other than that she isnt getting any grain or anything besides hay
  13. Dog Rescue People

    I work at a dog kennel, and have gotten to know there behavior very well. Depending on how she walked up to the dog she may have caught him by surprise (causing him to defend himself, a lot of dog owners make that mistake) Also some dogs(when mainly raised by females) turn aggressive around males, there are several dogs that i work with that are great around me and my other female coworkers, but as soon as one of he males comes around there attitude completely changes and turns into aggression instead of playing. She should not have the dog put down at all. There's always something that you can do, i suggest either putting the dog up for adoption on Craigslist, or something like that, or even pet finder to see if someone would like the dog since your mother can n longer keep him. Even put him into training classes so he cant feel in control in those types of situations. But it sounds like finding him a new home would be best. it's hard to trust a dog again after they have bitten you.
  14. Homemade Tack Trunk/cabinet?

    My boyfriend made a "duck box" he planned on using it to put ducks in, but i got a horse, and now put all my tack and such in it. He just used some USB plywood type stuff, and put it on about 1 foot tall legs. Also has a lid with a little bit of overhang(for rain and such)
  15. My New Mare

    I'm about 7 hours away from Bremerton if going 75-80. About 8-9 hours away from Seattle