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  1. This Or That

    Lady Antebellum Zac Brown band or Jake Owen?
  2. This Or That

    Wind Hay net or Hay rack?
  3. This Or That

    Country. Buckskin or Palomino?
  4. This Or That

    Spring for sure, our summers are torture! Diamond or Pearl?
  5. This Or That

    Long mane for sure! Night owl or Early bird?
  6. This Or That

    By itself, frozen yogurt. Emerald or Sapphire?
  7. This Or That

    CHOCOLATE! (now look at that you gave me a craving! lol) skittles or twix?
  8. This Or That

    AM Canter or Trot?
  9. Vetericyn

    Thanks for everybody's comments. The last time I had to deal with a horse wound I used diluted mineral water (in addition to rinsing it with clean water first) and it worked extremely well. I might just stick to that. (And it's nowhere near the cost of vetericyn)
  10. Bruises From Riding

    no bruises yet!
  11. This Or That

    Morning (even though I usually end up sleeping late anyway) New saddle or Used (already broke in) saddle?
  12. Bruises From Riding

    Ok lots to respond to, I'll try not to miss anything. My saddle fits great I'm not hitting myself, it happens even when I do nothing but ride at a walk I'm not extremely experienced so I'm sure I'm not doing EVERYTHING right It is possible that my stirrups have been to short My friend who has done A LOT of training saw me ride today and said my posture and arms were great but my my stirrups were a bit short and she tweaked the way I held my legs a bit We'll see if there are bruises tomorrow lol I do have a bit of a naughty horse, he was spoiled rotten and never ridden for 3 years before I got him, he's still in progress (so much better than he was) but it's hard to keep him in one gait, he tries to go back and forth. And when he's ready to go home, the spinning in circles, backing up, and rearing attempts start, went through that today, we got him past it though. So yeah, my guess would be short stirrups, improper leg positioning, naughty horse, or any combination of those.
  13. This Or That

    Western. Laid back horse or Exciting horse?
  14. Bruises From Riding

    So I don't get to ride nearly as often as I'd like but EVERY TIME I DO, even for just a little while, I get bruises on the top part of my thighs, and I won't have done anything at all that should cause bruising. Just wondering if this happens to anybody else. I find it so odd.
  15. Do You Accept The Challenge?

    That I'd like somebody to create it based on their own thoughts.