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  1. So I couldn't go to the show with Eurus like we were supposed to do to a neurological herpes case that I was involved with and was not able to see Eurus for the week leading up to the show as I had been dealing with the sick horse and therefore couldn't go see Eurus! Anyway, since I was clean and out of "quarantine" I got to have a lesson instead! Eurus first: We hacked the 1 mile to trainers house through alfala fields deeper then I am tall (and im 5'9)!! Got to trainers, did some flat work then put him over a little gymnastic. First time with 4 fences in a line and h was rushing a bit so we popped a little bounce cavelletti in after thelast fence. That really made him sit back and look and really helped regulate our tempo down the line. Once we got down the line a few times we started introducing a free standing fence. He was a very good boy and I think I am finally getting rid of all the rust covering up my jumping skills. I never felt like I was behind horribly or lost my seat or balance! Eurus chilled while I rode Casa, trainers mare (trainer had an injury and can no longer jump). She was very well behaved and trainer ended up setting the final fence to a 3'3 oxer by the end of the lesson which I thought was HUGE but Casa thought was nothing. I don't have a lesson video but I have a couple still photos from the clinic I rode in last weekend with her. The professional photos are still coming but here are some of my stills anyway. So after all that awesome jumping Eurus and I are hacking home swatting mosquitoes, when a duck jumps out from under Eurus (deep under the alfalfa) he spooks, I fall, he takes off for home and I am left hiking home in the 90 degree heat with the mosquitoes.
  2. Panda Update

    WOW! your parents place looks gorgeous though! For me "going home" means 2000 acreas of trees, hills, mudd, cows, barbed wire and NO arena whatsoever!
  3. Fly Sheet Recommendations?

    I LOVE my kensignton sheet and fly masks. Eurus is out on an 80 acre pasture with 6 other horses with trees, some barbed wire and it has held up fabulously. The material is great, when you do get a small nick or tear somewhere in in no way hinders the performance of the rest of the blanket. I have his on 24/7 right now as it is mosquito heaven here and they are going insane. I leave it on for up to a week at a time but then like to get him a break for a couple days or switch to a different blanket. I have never had an issue with him sweating under the blanket as mentioned before, it does not sit right tight on the hrorses skin so has lots of airflow. Tried boots, the just came off in our big pasture. Plus it came in a pretty blue color
  4. Just a quick video from a lesson tonight. Cassie is a 4 year old imported dutch warmblood who loves to throw in a buck after the fence so you have to watch your seat! I get to ride this awesome filly in a 3 day clinic this weekend. YAY!
  5. First the lesson: It has decided to monsoon here so instead of riding at trainers nice big outdoor arena we were stuck inside the little indoor where the rain on the metal roof was so loud you could not hear yourself think. I am working the night time emergency shift so was tired, grumpy, and it showed big time in my performance. Eurus was a star as usual. Today was about "scary" jumps and involved cones, brush, and the water barrel, first time over all of it for Eurus. Only 1 refusal at the water barrel but he then proceeded to jump it rather extravagantly for the rest of the lesson. What I see myself doing wrong and what trainer is working on with me is maintaining a tighter two point and not sitting back so early over the fence. "CLOSE THE HIP ANGLE" has been the biggest comment. My dressage legs also appear to not want to grip tight enough resulting a horrid lower leg swing today. Everyday a new battle. Any constructive tips or ideas on how to improve these areas would be greatly appreciated. Remeber this is my 6th time jumping in the last few years and it has been like jumping boot camp. Next lesson is bounce fences and lets hope it goes better. Next weekend I will be ridng a different horse in a 3 day jumping clinic. She is a 5 year old imported warmblood mare whose owner is terrified of her so she lets me ride her. To point we have just been doing dressage but I have a couple lessons on her coming up before the clinic so YAY for having a more confident trained mount to learn on for a bit. I would have taken Eurus but this way I don't have to pay for the clinic :) Eurus also has a show in a few weeks! Its just a local hunter jumper show. Trainer has us in 3 flat classes 2 x 2' hunter classes (for my confidence) and then 3 x 2'6 huunter and 1 jumper class. She wants Eurus in those as she feels he will perform better and enjoy himself more in those and the whole point of this show is get him some exposure to other obstacles. I was a bit worried about the height for a 4 year old but trainer spends half her year training in holland and jumps the 3 year olds in 3'-3'3. I know eurus has no OCD lesions and his growth plates are closed (he was a test candidate for the nuclear scintigraphy bone scanner at school) but he is my baby. I can always knock down to 2'3 and pull out of the jumper day of.
  6. Lesson, Rather Horrid, With Video Proof

    Rode trainers mare tonight with shorter stirrups and low and behold it went AWESOME!!! When she told me to put them up I'm pretty sureI gave her a "are you on crack look" but it did work. I think my knees hate me now. Did bounce fences (without stirrups) too and felt an improvement. Sorry no more photos but seeing as shes not my horse Id need to get permission anyway.
  7. Jumped What With What?

    That's what my mom said to my excited "3', that's right!" I haven't jumped more then a cross rail/2' fence in the last 6 years due to injury/lack of horse/etc. Today got on Eurus and we did one or two jumps of a crossrail and 2' vertical. He was really lazy so I thought "why not pop it up and see if he wakes up" He's been juming his 5' pature fence on a weekly basis so I know he can do it. Made a nice little x rail oxer with the X at 2'3 and the bar at 2'6. Jumped it, then moved the bar to 3'. Jumped it clean (both of us) twice and stopped before our luck ran out. Oh and my knees currently look like this from a horse a work that didn't appreciate having his sheath cleaned (just forget to mention it was MY horse that did it) I don't recommend jumping with hematomas for knees. Eurus has been jumping once a week for the last 2 months. Nothing hard, never more then 15 minutes, never over 2'. We have a nice gymnastic line outside at my coaches house but tonight it was raining so I was stuck in the little indoor where there is only room to set up one fence. I have also been jumping my coaches young horse and am taking her in a clinic later this month. Will try to remember a camera soon
  8. Jumped What With What?

    I was standing in front of his hnd legs up in his belly region,he struck forward and nailed the first knee then as I tried to pivot, so did he and he kicked back and nailed me in the other knee.
  9. Jumped What With What?

    Lol, my african room mate has never seen bruises on "white people" before, he thinks its rather fascinating. Yah, they hurt but not bad enough obviously.
  10. I am a vet student very soon to be a veterinarian. I deal with strange horses on a daily basis from track thoroughbreds with zero manners, to spoiled rotten pasture pets, to expensive show horses that know they can get away with stuff. And lets just say you don't become a vet to be the horses best friend. We are always doing things they do not like and therefore have to aways remember SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY (though when we have to inject a certain hock joint that demands we reach across the hind legs of a horse, and poke a needle into its opposite hind limb we gladly do it) So after dealing with all these angry, painful strange horses which horse injures me? MY OWN. I have cleaned Eurus' sheath countless times, unsedated, just tied in a stall. He has always been fine. Had him sedated to float his teeth last week and thought "sheath cleaning will be WAY easier sedated". BAM. I got struck/kicked not once, but twice, by my own horse who has never kicked before in his life. Why did I get kicked? You could blame the sedation, you could blame the tick on his whowho, or you can blame me, for letting my guard down and not being as vigilant simply because I knew the horse. This messsage goes out to all to remember that a horse is a living, thinking, not always predictabe creatue. Even if you have known the animal since birth (like me and Euus) SAFETY should always come first. I will step down from the soap box now Hard as rock hematomas in your knees = not worth it
  11. Eurus Has Surgery Tomorrow!

    So Eurus has had this mass under his jaw for the last 6 months. It's not attached to the bone and has always been freely moveable. The mass get larger and smaller in size quite unpredictably and frequently has these seeping little draining tracts from it but never any pus. The field service at my vet school came out and saw it in March when it was grapefruit sized and had 2 little oozy tracts on it. It was ultrasounded and a needle aspirate collected to try to look at the cell composition of the mass but was un diagnostic. The ultrasound just showed a solitary round,well encapsulated mass. The vet at the time diagnosed a reactive lymph node. We did an antibiotic trial which shrunk it but it then came back again and again. It is now show season and of course, no one will let me show because my horse has "strangles". The time frame is very very wrong for stragles and Eurus has never had a strangles infection and is vaccinated but that doesnt completely rule it out. The vet of course couldn't even legally sign off on the waiver for it because of the slight possibility. So seeing as I am currently on my final year in the vet school and am doing rotations through my schools equine clinic at the moment I hauled his butt into the clinic to have further diagostics done. After a physical exam they repeated the ultrasound which showed the same thing as before but the fancier ultrasound showed us the maze of blood vessels surrounding the mass. An xray was also done of his head to rule out a tooth root problem. At this point we did an endoscopic exam of his gutteral pouchs and took a lavage of them to culture for the causative agent of strangles, strep equi as this is the place it likes to hide out in chronic shedders of the bacteria. My culture has come back clear of strep equi, but that will not hold out forever for showing as there is no guarantee he has not been exposed between the tinme of the culture and the time of the show. So he is going for surgery tomorrow to remove the mass so it will never be a problem again!!!! YAY! He has to go right under due to the tricky location and the maze of blood vessels surrounding it making standing removal impossible. So I am on surgery rotation right now so I will get to be there through the whole thing which makes me much calmer but its also bad because I know exactly how everything can go wrong. Wish us luck and I will take lots of pictures to show all! Angela
  12. Eurus Update

    Just a couple quick picks of Mr.Slobber pants. I swear I have never seen a horse salivate so much when riding, even when just on loose reins at a walk! Checked his teeth and he has shed a molar recently so hopefully that explains it. Been stuck indoors in a small indoor arena for the last 3 months and are going stir crazy! It got above freezing this week so we rode out a bit but that undoes so much of our topline work as he is so heads up and crazy outside but we had fun. I am trying out a new saddle, its an ANKY and seems to fit my crazy long legs better then my older passier did. A couple pics, I will add the video once its loaded. Next week my trainer will begin us working on half halts and elevating his fore a bit. Very excited for how that will turn out! and a crazy picture from free jumping a couple weeks ago
  13. I have fischers lovebirds and I love them! They are nice and small, they can be a bit noisy but nothing like conures. If hand raised they are super friendly. They have tons of personality. I have a male and female and as such frequently have babies so note on getting different genders, be prepared for babies! Heres a picture. The green one on the left has a cone on and is recovering from a broken leg incident. They are super with the cats, they have the cats beat into submission, cats are afraid to go near them.
  14. Dog's Teeth

    brush brush brush brush brush!!! It's the only thing really provn to decrease plaque that is allready present. 30 seconds a day and in dogs you only have to do the outside surface for the most part. You also brush in a front to back motion in dogs, not up and down like the dentist will tell a human. Using a cleaning agent will also help. Everything else is more of prevention. Avoid the "anesthesia free cleanings" you see advertised as they only do the visible surface of the teeth and can cause a lot of damage. TD diet might help as well as some of the abrasive chews. Water additives and oral gels will not decrease the current plaque but can help prevent more from forming. I have seen good things from the water additive (research was done at my school with a friends dog being involved in the trial)
  15. Sorrelitis?

    I agree, could be a sarcoid called an "occult" sarcoid. Fungal should be cleared up by now. Sarcoids dont like to be bugged. They tend to get angry and get worse. I would talk to your vet but treatment options are pretty unreliable. Check out this website Sarcoid Website
  16. Flash Nosebands

    I dont like flash bands unless my horse is really gaping at the mouth a supple moveable jaw is necessary tp get good flexion at the poll and collection as the horses jaw needs to be able to slide forward to flex the poll. It doesn't really help all that much if your horse is ignoring the bit.
  17. College

    Vet school is a lot of fun, but it will be the hardest 4 years of your life. You have to be very smart, dedicated, and hard working to make it through. You have to start by going to a University in an undergraduate program that offers a bachelors of science program. You can either do sciences or get your bachelors of science in animal sciences. These are 4 year degree programs, not diploma programs. You will have to check with the vet school you qualify to apply to as to what courses you will need to take in that undergraduate program as they all vary in the requirements. These requirements will dictate what you need to take in highschool in order to get into the undergraduate program. In highschool you will need to have math, biology, chemistry, physics for sure. The easiest way to figure out what to take is to work backwards. Look at the vet schools applicant requirements to know what you will have to take in the undergrad program then look at what highschool courses the undergrad program requires their aplicants to have. Note: you just can't apply to any vet school. Most of the Canadian schools have residency requirements, in that you can not apply to their school unless you are a resident of a certain province. Not sure how the US schools work but I think they have a certain number of places for their residents and then a few "open" seats for non residents. Also not all schools require you to have taken all 4 years of your undergraduate program. SOme will let you start applying if you meet all their course requirements after 2 years of undergrad. It is much harder to get in after 2 years but it can be done! As well as courses and amazing grades you will also have to have a lot of volunteer work and experience in vet clinics and your community. It is a very competitive program to get into. Vet school is a lot of work and takes a minimum of 6 years of school after high school but I feel it will definetly be worth it in the end.
  18. Hc Fellow Students

    I have one more year of school and then I will gradute from vet school! I can not wait. This is my last year of tradtional studies though that i finish at the end of this month, next year is all rotation and clinic work!
  19. So I finally got some Eurus videos and pictures for you under saddle! This was of his second time jumping fences under saddle. My parents came out to visit for the weekend and played jump crew and video crew for me! Unfortuenatly I forgot to put my stirrups up!! I was wondering the entire time why I felt so unstable, and then when we went to go ride out for a trail ride afterwards I went to put my stirrups down only to find out they were never Up in the first place! I hope that is the reason for my shoddy performance. I will try to get more next weekend with proper stirrup lengths for you to compare to. This is only my second time jumping in quite a while too! Note the petite size of the arena I am in. It is rather limiting at the moment so I think we won't be doing any more jumping untill we can get outside. With Eurus my only requirement right now is that he has fun and gets his confidence up! Enjoy! These are a couple stills off the videos for those on slower internet Video Links: Video 1 Starting out just over the little x. Video 2 Bumped up the second x. He was feeling really flat and reaching so I had my mom move the fences 1 foot closer together for him. He then bumped both fences the next time though. We tried the line again and he ran out on the second fence. I think he got a little scared when he bumped the fences and thats why he tried to run out. We put the fences back to the original distance and he tried to run out but I got him over the second fence. Video 3 - first time though after the run out incident. He tries to run out to the left again here but a charlie horse in my left leg tells me I put enough leg on to stop it! Video 4 - one line with the veritcal set at 2'. He was such a good boy!! Had to give him a nudge in between the fences to encourage him over but he was SO good. He was such a good boy. We finished the day by going for a nice hack in the beautiful above freezing temperatures and sunshine!
  20. Eurus Pictures And Videos Finally!

    Thanks! I don't ever plan on competeing him seriously, just want to be able to have fun and make sure he is capable of doing whatever I ask of him. Thanks for the comments
  21. Weeeee!

    I jumped Eurus for the 2nd time yesterday. Eurus was such a good boy, didn't need the guide rails at all this time over the little x. He was very focused and eager to jump. We added a little one stride to a second X rail and he was fabulous over it. My parents are visiting this weekend so hopefully I will have some pictures for you this weekend. I am SO excited. He is such a blast to jump. Compared to my appy/quarter horse I used to jump he is like floating on air! Big Smiles all around! :)
  22. Young Horses Over Fences

    Just wanting your own opinions on what you feel is appropriate for a young horse to do over fences? I have never really jumped a horse under saddle untill 41/2 or 5 years old. There is a woman in my area from Germany and her daughter is a trainer over in Germany and she starts them as 3 year old under saddle over fences and puts them up to about 3' that first year. That scares me personally. Today I jumped my 4 year old Eurus for the first time under saddle. We just jumped a little 18" cross rail 5-6 times. He has also been free jumped over the past year once a month up to 4'. He also does his own "freejumping" on his own time over his 5' pasture fence when he feels so inclined. I hope to maybe jump just once a week or every two at most this summer and never over 2'. Eurus has been ridden 3-5 times a week for the past 6 months and had xrays done 6 months ago that showed mature growth plates and no OCD lesions. Whats your opinion?
  23. Remember My Pony I Was Leasing Out?

    ooh, if only I knew somebody coming out to Saskatoon sometime. He is absolutely adorable! My barn owners daughters both ride and she is looking for a new pony for her girls. They both jump quite advidly up to 3'. The one was jumping this cute shetland/welsh cross that couldn't have been over 12hh in the 2'6 at Andersonns in Calgary over the summer.
  24. Hock Injections

    Steroids can do a number of things depending on what type is used. They all halt the acute inflammation by stopping the production of inflammatory proteins higher up in the production pathway then say an NSAID like your ibuprofen. These inflammatory proteins affect the joint producing swelling and pain. These proteins are being released due to the irregularity of the joint during movement causing damage. by putting steroids in the joint you are delivering them right to the location they are needed so you avoid some of the potential systemic side effects. Risks of putting them in the joint are that they do cause an immunosupressive reaction as your immune system relies on those inflammatory proteins to know when to function. Most injection are carefully scrubbed but not the hair not clipped and then injected aseptically by the vet in the same manor one would perform surgery. The risk of infection is there, but is very uncommon. Most vets inject into the joint with the steroid a small dose of an antibiotic just to be safe. Just as an example in vet school we injected joints on our teaching horses just using saline and a small amount of antibiotic. Each horse had each joint injected twice. Out of 15 horses not a single one got an infection. Now there are different kinds of steroids. Some are longer acting then others. Some are used with the goal in mind of INCREASING the bone production around the affected joint. This is done in order to fuse the joint and thereby stop the motion that is producing the pain and inflammation. These are what are used in the low motion joints such as lower hock and knee joints. You don't use these steroids in your high motion joints such as proximal hock joint, stifles, hips, etc as fusing these joints would give leave the horse unable to bend its legs properly resulting in what is called a mechanical lameness (versus a pain lameness).You use a different steroid in these joints. I am assuming your vet will be injecting the lower hock joints as those are the most common joints needing treatment. While HA is present in the joint and is involved in lubrication and movement, there is some evidence, but not alot, that direct intra articular injections are actually beneficial from a lameness perspective. its the movement of the joint that is causing the arthritis and pain in the first place. Stop the movement, stop the inflammation, stop the pain and the only way to acheive this is to fuse the joint. I like steroids and an antimicrobial. I will only use HA when a client specifically asks for it or when dealing with a high motion joint. As for "once a year", most horses will give you a year on one injection, but some won't. Once you start you are kind of stuck doing it as the horse requires it. I have seen a couple horses go a couple years between injections. Just watch Shorty, he'll let you know when he's sore again. Just what I was taught, hope everything goes okay for you! Ask what he is using, It would be interesting to see what they do differently. Shoot me a msg if you have any questions.
  25. Video Of Reiner

    Heres a video from this week of a really sweet young reining horse I am riding at the moment. Cat is a 4 year old Paint mare. She is one of the horses of my barn owners that I ride in exchange for free board for my warmblood. Sweet sweet girl but I haven't done reining in a number of years. Just wanted to share!