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  1. Small Pet Transportation?

    Thank you everyone for the replies!! Heidi, your friends business was one of the ones I was looking at before and having you endorse her really helps my decision lol. It seems to be just what I'm looking for! Thank you very much!
  2. Small Pet Transportation?

    Has anyone ever used a service like this? I knew they had transportation for livestock and the like but not animals like cats or dogs. I need to get my cat from Phoenix, Az to Lubbock, Tx and I wanna figure out what options I have to do this, and what would put the least amount of stress on my girl. (She's not exactly a stranger to long trips, thankfully, and is a pretty darn calm cat once she settles down in the car.) I want to avoid air travel unless she can be brought on board and not stuffed in the luggage compartments. If anyone has any experience with this, like how the pet was treated and handled and how they were once they got to their destination, ect, I would sincerely appreciate any kind of insight! Thank you!
  3. Can You Help Me Win? - Updated With Pictures

    Congratulations Epona!!!!!
  4. Sometimes, you just find a keeper ;)
  5. More Bad Lip Reading

    These things are so amazing!
  6. Bath Day!

    Oh my gosh he's gleaming!!
  7. Your Cat Name

    Emperor Bossy McPaws o_O
  8. So What Do You Drive?

    I drive a 1984 Ford Ranger, standard lol. It's a good truck, I love it to death. But I would really love something that can be driven about 40 minutes without getting down to half a tank already lol!
  9. Nmm

    No vermillion munchkins.
  10. Help ? Cat Poops On Bed!

    She could take another stool sample to the vet, just to rule out anything medical. Never hurts to be safe in that, and it's a good place to start!
  11. Amber Alert!

    Oh gods .... My thoughts go out them! I was really hoping for a better outcome.. That's just sick.
  12. Amber Alert!

    I don't know the family, or the child, but I figure the more eyes the better! Please keep an eye out!!
  13. Rottweilers

    I have had rotts all my life. We've had about 5, and with that, there was only ONE incident, and it was a human fault incident, and that was only a growl at my younger sister when our girl had pups and my sister was getting way too much in her space. I would a rott time and time again if I could.
  14. Executive Dazzler Foaled Friday

    Oh my gods she's beautiful! <3 I cant wait to see more pictures of she!
  15. Full Metal Jousting

    I know who I'm rooting for! Lol Looks like it'll be fun, I like the slow mo