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  1. The Random Thoughts Thread

    well it was fun while it lasted.. maybe not.. Im done hanging out with a bunch of high schoolers.. not going to be attacked by people everytime I open my mouth.. guess all forums are the same.. my wife was right.. couple of bad eggs ruined it for me thanks for being so helpful and welcoming to a new person.. to the two of you who have me as friends on fb you can keep in contact with me there.. the rest of you can go on being mean to people.. seem to be good at it.. especially when I try to be nice to you
  2. I Hate Having No Friends...

    I know how you feel.. ive been in the same boat for a while..all my friends moved away or joined the military and are overseas.. I cant remember the last time someone called me and said hey lets hang out and do something.. If I get a rare day off I usually spend it at home with my wife and kid anymore.. It sounds like im middle aged or
  3. Work Needs Nap Time!

    Yeah the lemon lime is good the berry and orange are as well.. I like the extra strength grape thats my choice.. but if im mixing it its the plain extra strength for that.. grape tastes yucky actually right now im drinking a monster.. as the grocery store had them for 69 cents a can which was the cheapest ive ever seen them.. so I stocked
  4. What Do You Consider Local?

    heck where we are moving its 15 miles to the nearest mcdonalds... so theres local for ya..
  5. Thanksgiving........ Dog?

    I prefer turkey.. or deer.. over hamburger.. does that make me evil because I eat bambi... I agree that peta needs to do more for like sick and starving animals and things of that nature and not waste time trying to convert people to vegans.. theres nothing wrong with being a vegan.. I'd sure lose a lot of weight.. lol and eventually die of starvation If I tried to become one
  6. What Do You Consider Local?

    nothing I do is local.. I drive 46 miles to work each day.. and when we move my wife will drive 40 miles to work each day.. at least my job is close when we move.. and don't even get me started on looking for lessons.. local and lessons aren't even in the same book
  7. Ground Bees

    here's the redneck way to get rid of bees.. thanks to davesfarm
  8. Work Needs Nap Time!

    what is sleep.. for the last couple of weeks I have been going days without sleep and working 7 nights a week.. unhealthy yes.. but have to do it to get house ready to move into and everything packed as I work midnights.. I found a trick though.. take 2 monster energy drinks put them in a 44 ounce cup with ice and dump in a 5 hr energy shot extra strength.. im up for 10 hours easy and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.. again healthy no.. but im on vacation now and in a few days after move is done.. im going to sleep for 2-3 days and recover
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    so was reading the news today and hows this for a shocker.. I have an Ipod and a sansa zune.. but I dont like paying to download song by song.. I still like cd's this could be a bummer
  10. A Little Angry

    thanks im sorry if it sounds like im losing my temper.. I did not tend for it to sound that way.. I just dont like feeling like people are bashing me because I did things the way I thought I was supposed to in my case.. I just cant see how such "great" family friends of my wifes would post things and then act like im invisible behind my back.. that doesent sound like a great friend to me..I mean if there was an issue and they said hey theres this issue.. and it wasnt a deal breaker fine ok I know about it.. and I don't know what the future holds.. none of us do.. just I think there is more mature ways to handle things then posting great long stories on fb and not include the horses current owner.. and maybe they do want to keep her.. just a thought.. I do know the person holding onto her is smitten with her.. maybe thats it.. she gets along great with her horses and fits in well there. but im not going to jump to any conclusions.. I was a little angry when I saw what they were posting, wife was as well, but were ok now.. we are going to enjoy her and see where it goes.. still probably going to buy 2nd horse later in the spring so we have something rideable as we know thats a long way off for her.. I do have some pics of her.. they are not very good I have shown a couple of people them.. and her lineage.. I wasn't going to post any real pics and things of her until shes here.. but if you really want to know I guess I can
  11. A Little Angry

    Im wondering that as well.. as on the paperwork I got it shows nothing of allergies or breathing issues listed as problems I got from the vet.. and she did flex sound according to the paperwork.I was just wondering why people would talk like that behind my back I do plan on getting her xrayed just I didn't at that time.. oh and nick welcome to the world of buying horses. this is a fairly common occurrence for people who are lacking experience scrutinizing the horse market with regard to what they want and need. i see your other thread about your "malaise" over the fact that she was so young, and i wondered then why you bought her. I might not be the most experienced horseperson.. I don't claim to be.. but my wife has tons more experience than I do.. she also works for a vet and has started 2 young horses of her own.. thats how she learned.. she thinks it would be best for me to learn the same way.. she also has full 4-h and ffa experience plus showing and almost 20 years of experience.. so dont think im jumping into this blind..ok and Im not a want it now person.. I understand I have to wait till she matures to be ridden.. I said THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE but people keep falling back on that.. the issue is I have her paperwork.. everything checks out ok.. just now all of a sudden people are talking behind my back about things that are either false.. or I should have been disclosed in the paperwork or told before thats my problem.. plain and simple.. she seems like a good horse.. Im just wondering if they thought they could sneak around me and not tell me things.. or they are trying to stir the pot
  12. A Little Angry

    I did have someone check her out.. and this information was withheld from me.. she did have a vet check her out. didn't do xrays but did give her a once over and the people I trusted have been family friends for years and my wife said to trust them they wouldn't screw us over..they did check her over a few times first and said she should be great horse.. but I can see where this thread is headed.. to the im an idjet thing.. I was asking that If you thought you knew everything then people started talking behind your back would it make you mad.. not if I didn't take the right steps to buy her