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  1. Babydoll's Foaling Thread

    No baby this year Slipped late term. Vet suspects Lepto so we are doing bloodwork to find out. My other mare Turps Hard Luck Lucy who was in foal to Jasper also slipped late term so we are working on getting it all figured out She will be bred back to the same stallion as soon as we find out for sure what's going on.
  2. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    No baby this year Mare slipped late term. As did my other mare who was due within a week of this mare. Vet suspects lepto so we are doing bloodwork to find out for sure. I choose to breed my mare Etta Lena back to Jasper instead of Lucy. She was confirmed in for at 19 days this past Monday :)
  3. Babydoll's Foaling Thread

    Thank you!! She is 343 Days today and still no baby. Here are some pictures from this week. April 22 April 23 This morning April 24
  4. Babydoll's Foaling Thread

    This is my Maiden mare. She is a 6 year old AQHA. Was cruzing a nice barrel pattern but got injured in Fall of 2011 and was bred that spring b/c she still was not ready to go back to work. She will be 340 days on April 23rd. Comments are welcome!! Her registered name is Peppy Cody Chica and she is bred to Beaus Smokin Moon. April 12 April 14 April 17 April 18
  5. Working On My Traps :)

    I've been working on putting trapezoids on horses...How am i doing? Any problems? Suggestions? Horse 1 Horse 2 Horse 3 Horse 4
  6. Lutalyse

    That's what I am looking to do. Find out the exact date they start shipping and have her as close to as ready to breed on that date. I know that it can vary slightly from mare to mare, but I am looking to get my mare ready to breed as soon as they will start shipping. Last year for my AI, My mare had a baby by her side so her 30 cycle was easy to predict and I knew exactly when to get her to the vet and the semen shipped. But since this mare isnt in foal for this year, I want to breed her as soon as they will start shipping.
  7. Lutalyse

    I have a mare that is cycling the first of the month. The stallion I have booked doesnt start shipping until mid March. I have been doing some reading on Lutalyse. Giving .2 CC for two days. Have any of you used this? Thoughts on it?
  8. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    I absolutely will!! I am not the best about keeping updates on here, but my phone is directly linked to facebook so it makes it easy to stay updated on there!!! I have super high hopes for this baby, both in the arena and out. Thank you all for the healthy foal vibes, and Happy New Year to you as well!!!
  9. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    :) I plan to possibly show halter as a baby at the local AQHA shows (WTQHA) and then barrels and possibly roping :) Would love to have an all around that can show in the Ranch classes, possibly HUS as a two-four year old. I dont like to push barrel and rope babies. I like them to have a good handle and have seen alot before i put them on the pattern :)
  10. What Type Of Tie-Down Is This?

    Not all top notch horses are hot, I know of several (mine included) really nice barrel and pole horses that walk calmly into the gate for their run. And when i say top notch I mean Congress Champion, Reserve Champions, Top 5 placing barrel and pole horses. Hot and reactive doesnt mean you have a good barrel or pole horse. And not all GOOD barrel and pole horses are hot and reactive. Yes some are, but not all. Sherri trains her own horses that are bred and raised by her family's breeding program, which has a long line of successful horses, not just barrel horses but rope horses and steer wrestling horses. Here is a great article on her and her family's program. http://www.sherrycervi.com/PDF/A%20Family%20of%20Winners.pdf Now, what piece of equipment do you use to control your horse that does not work off of pressure? If put in the wrong hands ALMOST any piece of equipment can cause pain to a horse.
  11. What Type Of Tie-Down Is This?

    "A bonnet... war or otherwise... changes the point of balance for some horses. A noseband incourages the horse to back off the "push" or "root" in the horses face. A horse using a bonnet will push up against the bonnet, changing the balance to primarily the rear end of the horse. Some horses push or brace against a regular noseband, looking for something to balance against, they will bow out of their barrels or cause themselves a really sore spot on the nose... most of those horses will get along great in a bonnet, because the point of their balance becomes more elevated, over their body, and puts the bulk of their balance on their hind ends. The bonnet adjustment for rear end balance is just below the ears... the lower toward the eyes the browband gets, the more front end action you will get." Quote from a post in BarrelHorseWorld's forum. I think this is an excellent representation of why "reasonable" riders use this piece of equipment.
  12. What Type Of Tie-Down Is This?

    Absolutely!! She wouldnt have made it to the NFR if she didnt. Dont judge someone JUST for using a war bonnet (or any other type of equipment) because they may know something you dont (about the piece of equipment or about their horse). Their are alot of pieces of equipment and methods out there that if used wrongly are inhumane and dangerous, but if used correctly can have positive benefits and help the horse and/or rider.
  13. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    :) Thank you so very much!!! I am so super excited about this cross!! I think these two will compliment each other very well. Lucy is enjoying her turnout with the other mares and a gelding. I cannot wait to see the baby!!
  14. How Do You Feel About Ai?

    I AIed my first mare this year, and It went very smoothly, I knew when she was going to cycle (had a baby by her side), ordered the semen, and took her to the vet. I dropped her off one day, they inseminated the next two, and i picked her up the 4th day. Did a ultrasound at 15 days and she was bred. The vet i used did 5 mares the same week that mine was there and all 5 where bred on the first shipment. NOW, I prefer live cover just because of the extra cost of AI. But I will use it again to cross my mare to stallions that are farther away from me :)
  15. Turps Hard Luck Lucy In Foal To Howelling Corona (Jasper)

    Yes, they are on allbreedpedigree.com. This mare doesnt have just a whole lot on her papers, but she is the only breeding full or half sister to 1D barrel and pole horses. Her full sister has multiple top 5s at Congress, NAILE, Fort Worth, World Show, and Dixie Nationals. Her half sister out of the same stallion won Congress this year. She was injured as a long yearling and they never did much with her except breed her. She has the same look as her sisters and moves just like them!!