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  1. Equisports Massager Opinions?

    Can anyone who has an Equisports Massager - Equine Therapy or has used one give me any advise? How often do you use yours? When? Any tips?
  2. "stitch"

    This is my 8y/o APHA gelding 'Stitch' He is a goof ball!!!!
  3. 'tuff Flash Hustle'

    Thought I would share some photos of my barrel gelding "Tuff Flash Hustle" he is a 9y/o APHA gelding.
  4. Enlighten Me

    As a military wife who's husband is currently deployed.... I would be livid!
  5. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    That would rock! And When I got home and could see what he had done, he didnt shew a hole in his dog bed, he had un zipped the zipper.... then pulled everything out.
  6. New From Mn!

    This is Stitch
  7. New From Mn!

    This is Cody
  8. New From Mn!

    Hello! My name is Sadie, I am the owner of Sadies Hand Painted Tack. I have 2 sorrel overo paint geldings (Stitch and Cody), a border collie/blue heeler pup (Gauge) and a wonderful husband who is currently overseas. Here are a few pics! This is Gauge, we do Disc Dog events
  9. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    Here he is
  10. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

  11. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    Where would you get something like that tarp!?
  12. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    He has a treat/food dispenser toy he has to roll around to get it to come out but once its empty (5 -10 mins) he ignores it. And if I put sizes in it that cant come out he tries and realizes they dont come out and ignores it. We wake up in the morning, play soccer for a good while and then I get ready for work, he typically is ready to go in when I need to, I get home and we play more. Even since the day I picked him up as a puppy puppy he has done this. And it is only to blankets/fabric things. I unfortunatly dont have the option of coming home for a lunch.
  13. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    He has rubber toys as well as a bone in his crate with him. We typically play soccer for awhile in the morning before I leave for work and we always play at night. When he was in the office I left the tv on but it didnt seem to make a difference.
  14. Ideas For My Pup In His Crate

    Hello! I have a 1yo border collie/blue heeler (very active) who has always shredded any fabric anything while he is in his crate alone, so I just never put any in there but he was never crated for long periods of time. Well now with my job he is crated 9:30am-4pm everyday. Well being crated that much he is starting to develop icky elbows (developing callouses) which I dont want. Well I cleaned my office room and started putting him in there instead, which worked great for like a week until today when he shredded his dog bed and blanket I had covering the chair in there. So now I am wondering if there is any ideas for things for his crate. He is a very active dog, we compete in disc dog and he gets excersize everyday. I refuse to give him Ny medication/suppliments while I am gone, it isnt an axiety thing, its a bordem thing for him. Any ideas? I will post pictures of him later