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  1. Some Pictures!

    Woahhh, I think I knew you were in Texas, but not where exactly. Pm me- we should chat! I'm about to go to work in San Antonio and be around shows a bit more.
  2. Once upon a time this forum helped my pick out a project pony. Last November Reese sold to a family with two little girls and I was left with just one horse. In February I picked up a new project- this time full sized. Meet Riley- 9 year old TB (never trained or started) Not sure if she wants to be a hunter or jumper, but shows potential for either. Sweet, sensitive, patient and generally pretty cool. Still green, was a broodmare and pasture pet before coming to me. Needs a show name. (jockey club name is awful) Looking for- unique, classy, and a single word name. Ideas?
  3. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    It's all on netflix now too.
  4. This Place Is Dead

    Lucy almost broke my nose today. Third ride (walk only, at least in theory) back after close to 6 months off. Exciting times in my life.
  5. Working Student

    You have an iStupid? Phone only as smart as owner.
  6. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    Troll score 4/10. Try reddit. Where trolling is on a whole different level.
  7. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    On a reality note: full service (to me) means stall cleaned once daily, horse fed and watered twice daily, and turnout. Maybe blanketing. Partial service or rough board is at least partly DIY on feeding, watering, cleaning and turnout. Grooming and tacking of horses is an extra that you pay above and beyond the cost of.
  8. Full Service Vs. Not Full Service Boarding?

    Trolllllll. Troooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllll in the dungeons. Just thought you should know.
  9. Share your horse show names!

    Luminescent: Lucy: Lanky, plain dark bay jumper mare. Walk this Way: Reese: Black pony. (Breeder name precedes show name, but not all that relevant to this discussion.) She has siblings that go under "Walk the Line" and "Walking Tall" it's all a Johnny Cash reference. Reese Witherspoon played June in the movie.
  10. Segunda Bit Advice

    If it works, cool. That's not the type of bit I would ride ANY horse in all the time. I had a gelding that went incredibly in a triangular snaffle or knife edge bit. I used it about 10 times a year. If I used it every day it would have stopped doing what I needed it to. We worked many painstaking hours at home in a plain french link loose ring.
  11. If the guy runs a breeding operation he's not clueless. Sight unseen, half a million dollars. Stupid if you ask me.
  12. Horse Trailers For Sale?

    I bought mine used from a trailer dealership. Very unlike buying a used car it was a simple, easy, uncomplicated process. Found exactly what I want, and it was much, much better than running around the state to look at duds on craigslist.
  13. How To Train Your Horse To Lie Down

    Try one of the western boards. Clinton Anderson and Parelli teach this. Most of the hunter/jumper folk don't. I need my horses to think for themselves, so I don't teach this for that reason.
  14. Tacks On Your Saddle?

    Greg Best does this too. It's VERY rare for a rider to actually sit DOWN on the tacks. You catch your breeches on them and feel it pull very slightly. And many people instantly correct the position just by fear of tacks. HOWEVER- when I've seen and had this done the tacks were placed all the way on the highest point of the cantle, right in the middle. NOT under your cheek. I read what's in Frank Chapot's book about poling. When done correctly it's better than MANY of the things people do as an alternative.
  15. Problem..

    Someone might really shoot me for this.... I've made use of this under a well-respected trainer and rider and it has answered a TON of questions over the years. My vet is on board with this method, but it's something not every vet is comfortable with letting every client do. Instead of a weeks worth of bute.... Tack up, ride for 20-30 minutes. See what you have that day. Go back to the barn. Loosen the girth and put a halter over the bridle. 10 cc of bute in a shot. Let horse stand for 20 minutes. Go back to arena, get back on, walk for 10 minutes. Go back to work and see what you have then. Giving 1-3 grams a day, even for a week, won't eliminate any substantial pain. Might improve it a little, but won't hide a 2/5 leg lameness. Injectable bute given like I described can make 3/5 come "sound". You just have to be aware that you shouldn't push anything too hard if he's wonderfully better because that level of better won't last and he may end up more unsound if you push on that one testing ride. My story about this- once watched this done with another horse. Mare went stunningly to the right, was a bucking, kicking, rearing wreck to the left. Given 10cc of injectable bute.... mare was a bucking, kicking, rearing wreck both directions. The answer was yes, the horse was in pain. Wasn't the answer the owners and trainer were hoping for, but was an answer.