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  1. I Need Some Advice!

    Okay! So, I need some advice... I am looking at a horse for my two young boys to learn how to ride on. The one I am looking at is 19 or 20 years old. He is a calm, easy going horse with a great disposition. He handles with ease so that my son had no issue riding him when we tried him out. He is, in essence, the perfect horse for my boys. The problem is that he has a lung issue. When he is worked for three or four hours blood vessels in his lungs pop and he bleeds out of his nose. This only happens with he is worked for an extended amount of time, which won't be the case with my boys anyway. The owners are asking $1000 for him. Is this a good price? I would have no issue with this except for the lung problem. He really is, the perfect horse, health issue withstanding. PLEASE tell me what you think....