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  1. Montana Doc Lines

    What are your opinions of them for barrels? And their personality?
  2. Training A Pole Horse

    Did a lot of lead changes with my mare with out poles. Worked our way to every couple strides on a straight line. Then just worked poles on having her body correct and she naturally did them.
  3. Equine Melanoma Pic Added

    Yes the vet was the first to say that it would possibly burst. And yes grey horse :/
  4. Equine Melanoma Pic Added

    I can post a picture if anyone needs
  5. Equine Melanoma Pic Added

    Ok so I have a mare with melanoma and we had her taken to the vet. They said that eventually it would burst and drain and heal up and to keep it clean. Have you guys experienced drainage like this in melanoma. What is best used to keep it clean. She's in a large pasture and I can only go up there every couple days and today she seemed quite uncomfortable putting her tail down. would vet wrap around her tail bone changed out until it heals help? Has anyone used tea tree oil?
  6. Cob Sized Breastplate/running Martingale

    can you make one work for a pony and a horse?
  7. Favorite Drills

    What drills do you like best. I have my own little arsenal but I LOVE to hear what yall do. :)
  8. Would Like To Be More Informed On Bits

    Thank you! Shes my everything horse. I have had her for so long but now all my high school rodeo life is done and were going into a somewhat retirement and making the switch. I will probably have many more pictures soon
  9. Would Like To Be More Informed On Bits

    Hey everyone first I'd like to introduce myself to this forum. I am a western rider switching back to english who will hopefully be posting pictures soon :) And I will be posting all kind of random questions and updates about me and my lazy little horse. I have recently ran across all my old bits that have been given to me over the years and would like to be more informed on them. I have had outside help on bitting my horses in the past and lucky for me my present horse is quite the easy to bit horse, but I still like to know why certain bits are used for different reasons. So heres my list: Slow twist and copper mouthed D-ring bit Single jointed full cheek jointed and ported kimberwick french link o ring(what we actually use for barrel racing) loose ring waterford and a hollow mouth baucher that is only part of my bit arsenal but these are the ones that I have just re discovered And meet Rosie! My very piggy chunk of a QH that I love to death
  10. Hey everybody I have a pony that I am schooling for a little girl who has been slowly dropping weight, and her parents have put me in charge of finding out what to do with him. He does not look bad but he does appear as if he just needs a little extra to his diet to help him stay happy and healthy. He has been wormed recently and has had his teeth checked so neither of those is an issue. Personally I am a fan of using Platinum and Source(the hoof one) accompanied by a small amount of some sort of grain but I have never had the issue of a pony with a history of founder. I know enough to stay away from high starches ans sugars but what would you recommend in a situation like this. I can post pictures this afternoon if anybody wants a visual.
  11. Opinions On German Martingales

    Well the last rodeo went awesome! I couldn't have asked for a more free run. And for the first time in almost 4 years we were able to pass a barrel and although we lost time I am so happy to feel like were finally back on track. She kept her feet moving around each barrel instead of shutting down before. I loved the feeling and finally re-hooked on running. Thanks everyone who put in some input. I really appreciate it.
  12. Opinions On German Martingales

    I actually ran her the weekend after I posted this and she was awesome. It was a very small playday with some competitive people and we were a half second off the fast time of the day and she felt awesome in the GM and a smooth 3 piece O ring snaffle. She still threw her head on the backside of the 1st but did not brace her body up and kept her feet moving. Hauling this weekend to our last Jr Rodeo and hopefully I will have some good news!
  13. Opinions On German Martingales

    Side note: She would be fine without anything but gets quite strong coming out of her first barrel during a run and I found that the tiedown that i used to compete her in helped us prepare for the second barrel,
  14. Opinions On German Martingales

    Ok everybody Im finally getting my barrel horse ready to haul after months off to rope and gather on her. I have been schooling her at home in a twisted wire snaffle and german martingale and love the way she moves in it compared to running her in a tie down. My question is what is your opinion on running in a german martingale at a competition vs a tiedown. I have been told to use the tiedown in competition but is that really nessasary?
  15. Help With Colors And Jumpers Trends?

    Thank you! I forgot about ebay! Got to love it!