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  1. Starting From The Ground Up...

    I recently just got a 3 year old that I think has been rushed along to be broke under saddle but missed a lot of ground work along the way. She is very nervous and just seems to not know what is expected of her... For example loaded onto the trailer like a dream but when we got home she would not back off the trailer for nothing. At no point did I feel like she was just being a bully or stubborn about the situation. It seemed more like she just didn't know. I am wanting to really focus on building a relationship and solid ground work with her before I even worry about riding! Desensitizing, trust, and confidence is something I think should be instilled in a young horse. Unfortunately I do not have a round pen to work in, but just wanted to get some opinions on what are some go to things to do with young horses!?!?
  2. Keep A Palomino From Fading...

    Thank you for this article!! Very helpful
  3. Keep A Palomino From Fading...

    I have tried the fly sheet and it definitely works, however, now that it is getting much hotter I am finding he's sweating a good bit. I know it's not the end of the world if he bleaches out but he's so much prettier the true palomino color. Just wondering if anyone had any methods that work?!?
  4. Confidence And Nervousness

    I think the nerves seem to be coming back because I have a new horse this year that I plan to show. It's always the before and warming up, like you said Smilie, once I'm in the ring it's like the gameface comes and I forget everything but what is happening with my horse and I. Great advice from you both
  5. Arena To The Pasture Riding

    So a friend and I were talking today and were wondering if a horse that is use to strictly arena work how do you get them use to doing that work in the pasture??? She does not have an arena at home, so when she bought her gelding and got him home, going to work in the pasture (not the one he is pastured in) confused him a good bit and talk about lazy lol! I'm sure just continuing working in it, it will get better but just wonder what thoughts ya'll have on it? Was an interesting conversation.
  6. Confidence And Nervousness

    So this is something that often comes back to me... When I go to shows or away from home not matter how prepared my horse and I am, I swear I can still be a bundle of nerves. Just wondering if there was anything anyone does to help with this?
  7. Bits In The Show Ring

    That is a great way to put it!!!!!!! Thank yall both for such great advice!
  8. Bits In The Show Ring

    Thanks again for the great advice! I am actually new to the hackamore world, and have more experience with bits. Bits have always and will always be a very overwhelming topic LOL. Have a few double jointed Ds in my tack room I will give a shot.
  9. Bits In The Show Ring

    Thank you for the great advice Shameless!!! I have had him about a month and got him from a barrel trainer. She had found him for a friend of hers but they just didn't click. He doesn't like a handsy rider (why he's in a hackamore). He's ridden in the Brittany Pozzi Rubber Nose Hackamore. Has some shank to it. Runs a great pattern in it, but just wanted to get back to my English roots and he would make a gorgeous hunter horse. Light mouth as in doesn't like the contact. I am wondering if it is more behavioral then anything. She mentioned he was in his mouth a lot, I mean I have to say I wouldn't like that either lol!!! Thought about starting with a D-Ring Snaffle just so many bits out there didn't know if there might be a better alternative?!? And like you said more bit maybe necessary, I didn't know if that would be "enough"
  10. Bits In The Show Ring

    So I am almost 100% sure that you cannot use a hackamore in classes at shows. I am looking to make my western guy a hunt seat horse as well. Problem is we work in a hackamore (bought him working in that and he's a super light mouthed horse) I personally have no issue with this, however, I am at a lose as to what to try first bit wise. I do not want to change the fact he works great in a hackamore just something to supplement in for shows. After I've rambled on lol any suggestions. I wondered about the rubber mouthed bits but have no experience with them. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Long Trailer Ride

    I have started a list and made sure to add these. Smilie, you said to do a hay bag when we stop for lunch, I usually have a hay bag full for the trip for her during the trip? Is it recommended to wrap their legs or use shipping boots?? Or is it ok for them to not have either?
  12. Continued Riding...

    Whenever I post I always hope Smilie will post!! Always great advice!!
  13. Long Trailer Ride

    Saturday I will be taking my mare half way to her new home. The longest trailer ride she has had is about 2 hours. Saturday we will be traveling a good 7 hours. This is also a first for me in my hauling experience. Just wondering what all I should do to ensure she has a safe and happy experience???
  14. Barrel Horse Mare

    Looking at this mare as a potential barrel horse prospect.
  15. Continued Riding...

    Thank ya'll both for the GREAT advice!! I think I am going to keep just having patience and easing her into it all and incorporate some of the things that may put her on edge in her pasture or around the barn. This is one of the many reasons I love the forums on here :)