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  1. First Horse Show

    Gates open at 10 and I am hoping to be the first in line to go in haha!! My goal is exactly that, have fun and just let him have a great first experience!! After all ribbons are just ribbons!! Thank you
  2. Picking Up The Correct Lead...

    So my gelding as come a long ways since I've started posting on here!! But our new issue is his leads... Any suggestion on getting this??? I try trotting into it (doing circles) and about 50% of the times he will pick up the correct lead but our first show is Oct 6th and I don't think that would work in the show ring lol not to mention I want to make sure it's not something I'm doing or is it just a matter of he's not fit I'm grasping at straws now lol Thanks for the help!!
  3. Picking Up The Correct Lead...

    GREAT article!! Thank you for sharing Now to get home and try it after work!!
  4. Flies!

    Seems the flies/mosquitoes are in full force this year!! Was wondering if anyone had any good ways of keeping them off your horses besides fly spray... I load them with fly spray but it only last for short periods!!
  5. Flies!

    Oh great thank you!! Maybe I will give that a shot!! I just feel horrible when they come in with little blood marks from mosquitoes or flies. Just feel like I should try and do something extra to help!! Haha! What can I say they are pretty much my kids lol!
  6. Flies!

    Thanks for ya'lls help!! Seems a bubble might be the best option Has anyone tried any of the supplements that supposedly help out?? Not to sure if I think they would actually work!
  7. Barrel Trainers

    Looking for a good trainer in the Rock Hill/York area. Wanting to get my gelding going on barrels and have a trainer or two in mind just not wanting to spend an arm and leg for him to be trained. Would just be doing stock horse, APHA, local shows with him. Anyone have any suggestions???
  8. Trailer Loading!

    So I wanted to take my boy trail riding this morning, I get everything loaded and of course for 3 hours I tried and tried to get him on the trailer and NOOOO luck The problem is I don't own a trailer so I borrowed a friends, it's a 2 horse bumper pull (not stock, which he was hauled in by previous owner)so unfortunately I can't work with him consistently on the issue and I can't keep her trailer to work with him consistently! I tried everything it seems, and for once I can say I kept my cool and tried to have patience. The ideal solution would be go buy a trailer an work with him everyday, which are in my plans just not in the budget right now!!! Anyone have and suggestions or have had similar situation that they have a solution!?!?
  9. Alfalfa Pellets

    I've been feeding my boy, whose about 983 lbs, a lb of soaked alfalfa pellets and about 4-5 large flakes (no way to weigh this) daily for about 3 wks now. Should I be feeding more if I haven't seen any gain or is it time to switch to grain??? Very confused, never had a horse that was a hard keeper Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!!
  10. Alfalfa Pellets

    Ohhh soupier, duhhh!!! How much do you recommend feeding?? I'm scared to feed to much but don't want to feed to little.
  11. Alfalfa Pellets

    My only issue with the alfalfa pellets is that is gets so clumped bc it's soaked and then he ends up getting annoyed bc he can't get it out. Any suggestions on how to avoid this! I let it soak for a good 10-15 mins before I give it to him and stir it up.
  12. Alfalfa Pellets

    Thank you all for your help. A friend of mine said I should switch to alfalfa hay and feed the hay I'm doing now and add a flake of alfalfa hay to it!! Just not sure which would be better alfalfa hay or pellets... The issue I'm having is the fact he's never been a grain horse so I don't want to switch to grain unless it's necessary!!
  13. Alfalfa Pellets

    I purchased a blanket to today to put on him in thoughts maybe he is burning too much of what I'm feeding trying to stay warm. But I will increase slowly too thank you!!!
  14. Alfa Oats...

    Is this the same as alfalfa pellets bc that is what I've been feeding my guy???
  15. Started Alfalfa Pellets Today!

    I got a bag of alfalfa pellets today from my feed store. I was just wondering is this something I should slowly start him on or does it matter?? Also, what's a normal amount to give him?? The bag was no help at all so I figured I always get great advice here so I would ask ya'll lol!! Thanks
  16. Stall Footing

    So we've finally got our barn half way done! Stall, run in area, & whole thing has a roof Now I'm trying to get my stall all fixed up for my guy to start staying up at night with all this nasty weather we've been getting!!! What does everyone use in their stalls???
  17. Alfalfa Cubes

    Just wanting to get people's thoughts on feeding alfalfa cubes?? How much do you give them??? Thank you!!
  18. Alfalfa Cubes

    Ohhh how I love that feeling!! My easy keeper is just a porker so he doesn't get much but the other guy is a little harder of a keeper so I put him up an let him chow down. Meanwhile I'm getting the death look from my big fella lol!!! Thank you for your help
  19. Bits...

    So I'm just wanting to see what people use bit wise?!?! I've been riding my boy in a twisted wire O-Ring and of course need to get him into something for the Hunter ring. Was thinking of just a plain D-Ring Snaffle
  20. Stall Footing

    That's exactly what my friend was telling me about the other day!! Thanks for the advice!! I think I will give that a shot and see how I like it!!!
  21. Weight Gain

    My boy is not and when I got him had not been on grain. Just grass/hay! Well I've started giving him about 4-5 flakes daily and was wondering if beet pulp would be a good thing to get a little more weight on him?? The winter is killing my grass and he's never been on grain so I figure why start now if he's not really needing it. He's definitely not skinny but is loosing a little weight!!
  22. Stall Footing

    Never heard of pellets?? Or maybe a different word is used around here, what is that
  23. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    Ohhh gotcha!! Love them!!!
  24. My Animals Make Me Smile :) *picture Heavy*

    Love your pics!! Very nice looking horses!! Where did you get the stripped pink blanket on the paint?? LOVE it!!
  25. Starting Grain...

    So I've had my boy just about 2 months now. When I got him the lady fed him hay and he was in a pasture of grass (not all the time for a few hours at a time I believe). Since I've brought him home he's in the pasture all the time and gets a good 2 flakes of hay daily. My pasture doesn't have a whole lot of grass with it being winter. I was grooming him today and putting out his hay and got to noticing he's lost a little bit of weight, not a BIG amount but I always like my horses a little chunky, well I guess healthy looking is a better word. By no means is he unhealthy looking but just thought maybe he needed something extra an wanted to get everyone's opinion. When I got him he was not fat but looked good maybe needed a little more weight but not bad at all!! Didn't know whether to start him on grain or maybe more hay?? Let's hear some opinions, they will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank ya'll!!!