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  1. Starting Grain...

    Thanks ya'll!!
  2. Rain rain go away and take all the mud with you!!!

  3. Bits...

    Thank you!! That's my goal is to work him 5 days a week at least and not to get in a rush with anything!! I am so excited about this guy and seeing what we can do together!! I've also been watching videos of Jane Savoie, she is amazing with her methods of teaching!!! Makes it so much easier to understand! Although I have no intentions of doing dressage it puts a great foundation on a horse!!
  4. Bits...

    Yesterday I went to the tack store and got a French Link Dee Ring and it works great!!! It felt so great to get the O-Ring out of his mouth and get something much softer and actually can see that he is working awesome in it!! Finger's crossed that this is on an upward climb from here on out!! (I'm sure we will still have our bumps in the road, that is just normal) Thanks again for all your help!! And for getting me to realize what I actually did have in his mouth
  5. Frustration!

    Ohhh you ALWAYS find when you aren't looking or don't need to buy/have another horse!! Do you know anyone that you could get to buy her, just so then you know where she's going and maybe could give you a chance to be around her
  6. Excited!

    Sooo jealous!!! Barn is looking awesome!!! Well this will inspire me to do the progress with my barn!!
  7. Bits...

    I do get what you mean!! I think I should have stated my background some too for the fact it is western and this is an english forum lol!! I only came to the Hunter/Jumper bc that is what I intend to do with him eventually. As of now I am riding him western bc it's what I know best when it comes to getting a horse to bend, flex, break at the poll, and all that good stuff. My intentions were to see where I needed to go next once it came to getting him in the hunter ring. I'm sure my knowledge is somewhat different bc I know the english & western worlds are some what different. I'm not sure if this was all even the right stuff to put lol!! Just getting to that crossroads to where I need figure out whats next. At this point I have trainer friends but can't necessarily afford to send him off for help nor do I really want to, I got him as a fun project! Thank you for your help!
  8. Bits...

    Thank you for all your help!!
  9. Bits...

    My background with riding is running barrels and riding cutting horses. Every trainer I have ever worked with has used this bit mainly on horses that have an issue pulling on you or horses that just don't listen (how my guys is) I have been using this bit on him for about 2 wks now, it's served it's purpose and that's is why I'm wanting to switch! You do what you know! Again I put this post out just to see what bits ppl used on their horses to get an idea of bits to look into and see which if any might work on my guy not for people to judge what I use on mine!! It's all a trial and error in my opinion of finding a bit that works!! I wanted a general idea of what ppl liked to use not tell me what to use!
  10. Bits...

    Let me correct a sentence in that statement I made I think I left a word or two out, guess I should have proof-read it... I would like a lighter bit to get the O-Ring out of his mouth, and to only keep the O-Ring as a bit if he decides he wants to go back to his old ways!! My gelding is 9y/o and green, before putting him in the O-Ring I tried lighter bits on him and couldn't find one that got him to listen like he needs too and be supple so just remember when you are posting you don't actually know the horse you know a small tidbit of what is said in the post. Not really sure where you get that my bit is soooo harsh but I don't have one issue with his mouth, not sore a bit. And in my initial post I was just asking what people used on there horse not to judge what I use on mine, but thanks for your input!!
  11. Bits...

    Sounds like our boys are alike!! I just want to also find something to switch to in order to have that as a schooling bit per say!! A bit to go back to when he's lugging on it and not as supple!! Thanks for all ya'lls help!!
  12. So proud of how my boys coming along!!! Can't wait for next year to get him in the show ring!!!

  13. Bits...

    I guess trial and error is the best way. Just wanted to get some ideas!! Thanks!!
  14. Bits...

    I've always liked the Mylers but they are a little pricey haha!!
  15. So I have a gelding I just got (well a little over a month ago) that was going over fences at one point. Well when I got him he'd been left alone mostly for 3-4 years!! I'm working on getting him back in shape, fit, bending, and just being more responsive and supple. The next step (in a monthish) is getting back over fences any suggestions on an approach?? Ground poles, cross rails, then gradually move up... But any tips/advice???
  16. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Ohhh both GREAT ideas!! I will have to get on amazon for that book!! Thank ya'll!!!
  17. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Definitely!!! Our ride today went great!!! We unfortunately have no hills around, which would be oh so helpful lol but we've been working on a lot of bending and being supple and he's finally getting it!!! So nice when you see your work paying off!!!
  18. Transitions...

    Just wanting to throw this out there and see what kind of feedback I get... My gelding has come so far in the month and 1/2 I've had him!! The one thing I'm getting stumped with and keep experimenting with is ways to get him to do it calmly and not get aggravated with me is picking up the correct lead with the canter?!?! Going into the canter, from the walk or trot, he gets all high strung and tries to throw his head up and usually 4 out of 5 times he will pick up the wrong lead. I've tried every method of used on my finished horses but that's the thing he's still green. I just don't want to create a problem so any suggestions?? Thanks
  19. Transitions...

    Yeah I definitely don't want to throw spurs on him anytime soon. But definitely understand what you mean with it!! They are very useful when used right!! On our ride today he was a lot better I've just been trying to be light with my legs and only use when needed and he did great now we just have to get over the tail swishing lol!! He really is coming along very nicely!!! Of course there are always going to be bumps in the road.
  20. 9 Y/o Gelding Getting Back To A Hunter

    Thank you for the great advice!!! Very excited about working with him on this!! I'm excited to see the improvement each ride!!!
  21. Transitions...

    No spurs!! I think I'm just going to keep drilling the basics and just do consistent work and see where we go from here!! We'll keep ya'll posted!! Thanks for all the advice to you both!!!
  22. I Have Come To A Realisaiton

    Atleast we all know with our tack addiction that if we need something we will eventually find it in our tack rooms!! Better to have it then to have to go get it My hubby always says do you REALLY need all this, and I always reply "well maybe not today but what about tomorrow, or for my next horse"
  23. Got Kicked In The Face Earlier :(

    Ouch!!! Praying for you to have a speedy recovery!!
  24. Transitions...

    Sounds like I'm on the right track!! That makes me feel good!! Consistent work is what I've been doing with him both on the ground & under saddle and it seems like that's all he needs is to be taken back to the beginning!! Thank you both for all the GREAT advice!! It is VERY much appreciated!!!
  25. Ready for Thanksgiving break for a few extra days off work!!!