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  1. Transitions...

    He's a 9 year old but has been ridden maybe a handful of times over the past 3-4 years so I'm trying to get him back in shape! I was relating it to just being out of shape and not fit but just wanted to make sure that wasn't a sorry excuse!! I know exactly what you mean about the "monkey humpin a football" but thankfully I can say that's not me I'm pretty good about my eq (thankfully and after years of practice) but it's always a good point to throw out there!!! We've only been riding together a little over a month and I just wasn't trying to knit pick him on an issue that is just going to take time, so I figure ya'll on here could help me out with what to do or not to do that I am doing. As for spurs he's super soft sided (any advice to that) I can barely touch him with just my heel. Very annoying issue may I add I've always been a rider that uses leg when I ride and I've never had a horse that gets so up tight and jumpy when you barely touch him!!
  2. Transitions...

    I've been focusing mainly on the bending and giving his face, we've come a long way with it!! But hip I think still needs a lot of work, any suggestion on how to get better control and to get the horse to move off his rear end better??? I guess with this steady work is the best option. Thank you for your help!
  3. Working With A More Reactive Horse

    I am SOOOO glad I saw this post!! I have a horse JUST like this an have been working on him not bolting when I put my heel on him to move him over or just get him to start trotting or cantering!!! How did you get her desensitized to your legs??
  4. New From Sc

    I just made an account on here to have conversation about help in training a 9 y/o gelding I just got!! Also just to keep up with the horse world Hope everyone has a great day!!
  5. Round Pen

    So my next venture is getting a round pen!! But when I say a round pen I am more so meaning a ring (can fit a few jumps in) but just using the panels like a round pen, if that even made sense Anyways, just wanted to get some size input!! Anybody have something kind of like what I'm talking about?!?! What size and how many jumps do you have set up if you do Thanks in advance!!!
  6. Round Pen

    What are you thinking on size for this type of work???
  7. Good Thoughts For A Friend Please

    My prayers go out to her
  8. Winter's cold temps are close!! I need something to keep my water trough from freezing, any suggestions?? The 5 gallon buckets just aren't enough water for 2 horses but I guess I could get a few if that's my only option!!
  9. Rip Hickstead

    Such a horrible thing to happen!! My heart goes out to everyone in Hickstead's life!!! He was an amazing animal and athlete!!
  10. Winter's cold temps are close!! I need something to keep my water trough from freezing, any suggestions?? The 5 gallon buckets just aren't enough water for 2 horses but I guess I could get a few if that's my only option!!
  11. Keeping Water Trough From Freezing?

    I attached a picture (hopefully it worked lol)
  12. Year End For Phja In Camden, Sc

    Super excited about the upcoming show this weekend!!! Anyone else going?!?!?!
  13. Keeping Water Trough From Freezing?

    Great ideas thanks a bunch!! I found a de-icer I thought about getting just not sure how they actually work?!?!? I do have a plug in to use! Saw the pic of the de-icer and was a little confused I found it for $45 is that a pretty good deal???
  14. 9 Yo Apha Gelding

    He is a Tuff I Reckon gelding that is about 15hh. I am trying to figure out a discipline for the guy, right now it's just general work. Would love to go to the Hunter Under Saddle/over fences direction. Critique away
  15. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    I recently got a 9y/o gelding that hasn't been worked much in the past few years!! He has a great mind and very willing to work but he throws tantrums!! When he does it, it's just pinning his ears back (like flat on his neck ) and just hops around. Never really bucks or anything viscous just lets you know he's annoyed. Basically I have just been talking to him, I make sure I relax and just work him through it!! It works but sometimes he has the ears constantly pinned back!Didn't know if anyone had anything else they suggest?!?!? Thanks!!
  16. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    Our ride yesterday was great!! Switched his saddle pad and bit and didn't have one bit!! I'm still not going to rule out pain but excited we got somewhere!!
  17. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    Yeah the bit has crossed my mind as well!! I'm in the works of getting someone to my house as well to hop on him!! Thanks again for all the great advice!
  18. Picked Up Bingo A Week Ago

    Very cute!! Definitely looks a little sore but once her feet get better she should be just fine!! Love her build though!!
  19. 1Y6Mo Aqha Mare

    She's definitely a cutie!! I had a Dash for Cash barrel horse that I loved!! Do you know anything about her parents???
  20. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    Unfortunately these people are not local... So I'm at a dead end on that one! Unfortunately the rain kept me from riding today and work will tomorrow so Friday hopefully we can get somewhere with it (maybe ) Thanks again for everyone's great advice!!!
  21. 9 Yo Apha Gelding

    Would love to hear what people think!!
  22. Hating this rain we so desperately need!! Would love to be saddling up to ride right now!!

  23. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    No offense taken at all!! I am very open to any advice. When I went to look at him 2 different people rode him and he didn't do it. I had definitely thought of saddle issues (due to me riding him in a western saddle instead of english what they rode him in when I tried only bc my saddle is at my barn I train at and I haven't had a chance to go get it) or the way my seat was. I've always been told that I have a good seat but I often notice in the saddle I'm riding in it makes me ride different for sure. Thank you for the help
  24. When people run their mouth about it they have NOOO clue what they are talking about!! You need to do what's right for you and what makes you feel better!! People are too quick to judge about things they don't understand!! I wish you the best of luck with your riding!!
  25. 9 Y/o Gelding With A Attitude

    I am riding him! When he is lunged (tacked up) he has no problem at all with it, walk trot or cantering, it's just cantering when I am on his back!! He trots just fine (occasionally he has a fit but not like when we are cantering)I thought it could be soreness from the fact he is definitely out of shape but I'm beginning to think it's just him not wanting to do it. Yesterday during our ride when he would do it I would just stop & back him (calmly, never jerking on him) and that seemed to get through to him. Just didn't know if anyone had any other suggestions.