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  1. Any One Ever Owned A Zorse?

    ahhh! okay thanks for the info. i might still consider it, but yall put it in a new perspective. im not to worried about the zebra hurtin my pony because i have seen her put the whoop on lots of large wild and mean horses but you never know. i will also look into the breeds of zebras and see what i can find on that. its a long way off so i have plenty of time to research and look more into it. i will take what you said into careful consideration.
  2. I was just wondering. ive been looking at a trying to get one, and training it to pull a wagon and using it for wedding and proms. i know i know idont need another horse. but maybe someday:p :) but any information would be nice. i have a pony i might try to find a stud somwhere to breed with. pictures and stuff would be awesome too if you own one or know someone that does. I am wondering though do zorses act like zebras or more like horses i know they will inherit horse behavior and zebra behavior but i dont neccessarily want an animal thatis wild ya know. Thanks
  3. Stallion Owners I Have A Question

    and yes as they get older they start to realize that they are men. sometimes its a bad turn sometimes its good. all depends on the horse. dont wait any later than five or so because if you leave them as a stud to long they tend to continue to act like a stud even after you geld.
  4. Stallion Owners I Have A Question

    personally i would rather have a well behaved stud than a mare or a gelding. most people think stallion mean ill mannerd and what not, but ive owned and known quite a few stallions that were actually better behaved than a lot of geldings. it has a lot to do with the way you handle him. if your afraid of him, he will know it and make a butt head of himself, but if you teach him early on that you are boss mare, he will be very loyal and will want to please you. with my young studs, i walked them around females in heat a lot, like whenever i got the chance, and made him behave. i didnt breed him until i got him broke in, like dead brpke, and i didnt let him act like a dumdcluck afterwords. youve got to have a firm but gentle hand and you have got to be consistent.
  5. Would You Call This An Abcsess

    definetly an abcess. i worked at a veternairy clinic for a while and saw a lot of similar problems. get it cleaned out well and put a little bit of tea tree oil on it. tea tree is available at most health and herbal stores. it comes in a little vial and works wonders for preventing and getting rid of infections. watch him closely for farther infections, and keep it dry for a little while, couple of weeks at least. i dont know what it is about that manna pro stuff, but ive known alot of horses whose hooves had a bad turn on that, including my own. it might not be that at all, but it does seem like a lot more people have problems with that feed more than any other. anyway hope that helps.
  6. Missouri Fox Trotters

    oh oops my mare is black and white tobiano i think its called.
  7. Missouri Fox Trotters

    LOVE the paints. i have a fox trotter bred mare. im not positive on the breeding but she is gaited fox trotter bred mare, but im not sure she is purebred because she is reg apha. she is sefinetely gaited, though and i love it. shes a butt head though. i think my next gaited horse will not be a spoiled rotten hand me down pasture ornament mare:) i would load pics if i could. congratulations on your colt though. very exciting. hoping for a bay for you. do you a blood bay or do you care what color bay? im fixing to look up the stallion cause i cant see the pic on here.
  8. Training A New Racer...

    ive got a new aqha gelding that has HUGE potential as a barrel racer, but I have never actually trained one as a racer. any body got some helpful tips, cause I need them! he is an 8 yo. he is fast as any horse ive ever sat, can turn on a dime, and give back change, but he is also really spooky, so any tips on bombproofing would be appreciated also. I think he was left too long as a stud, so he acts a little stallionish. anyway, any help would be super appreciated. I wont be able to start him for a little while yet, but i would like to be prepared when i can get him started, instead of waiting till the last minute. :) Thanks in advance!
  9. Alpacas

    i own llamas. i love to watch them every morning. first thing they do is make a tour of their pasture. i will never own a farm again without two or more llamas. just so ya know cria kisses are the best
  10. Thank You

    I just wanted to say thanks to those who set this up. Thanks! And thank you to the moderators for keeping this site clean and friendly. Thanks everyone for all the good advice. And thanks blondyb for the good debates. we may not agree on everything, but what does that matter?:) I really appreciate everyone's help and friendliness, especially since i have no horsey people around and since we just moved back to town, i really don't have anyone at all to talk to. Anyway, thank you again, CCCG
  11. Western Rider Going Dressage! First Lesson On Thursday

    sounds like fun! hes a good lokin horse. you got yourself a lucky deal there girl.
  12. My New Show Mare!

    shes so pretty! do you plan on breeding her at all? shes aqha right? gosh she gorgeaus!
  13. New Donkey, New Donkey, New Donkey!

    LOL. you better watch him. my apha mare has figured out how to undo almost every knot i can make and figured out how to open the barn. sigh. thankfully ive got the feed and the hay under lock and key so hopefully she wont colic herself.
  14. Geldings Vs. Mares

    i like really good mares that i can breed and get really good foal from but my gelding i have is the best horse i have ever sat astride. my only regret... i cant breed him but i agree with the stallion.
  15. 2003 Apha Mare

    shes gorgeaus! i want her! please? pretty please? oh alright, i dont need another horse, but she is very pretty. lucky ducky. :)