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  1. Strange Hairloss?

    Leg mange is caused by a mite which lives in the long hair on the lower legs in winter, causing severe irritation and itchiness. The horse will stamp and actively rub affected areas, and eventually the skin may become swollen, scabby, cracked, and greasy.
  2. Tooth Problem

    The following dental problems and abnormal wear patterns require the attention of a veterinarian. Hooks--sharp protrusions that develop on teeth when an overbite, underbite or other dental deformity causes an imperfect meeting of the top and bottom arcades. Most common on the upper first cheek tooth and lower last molar. Ramps--typically premolars with a surface that slopes like a ski jump. Ramps can cut or scrape the tongue or cheek, especially when a horse is bitted. Step mouth--a cheek teeth row with one molar that has grown unopposed so it juts above the rest of the arcade. A gap in the opposite molar lineup usually initiates the abnormality. Wave mouth--a severely restricting abnormality that occurs when two or more teeth in an arcade are high, creating a series of ascending and declining grinding surfaces.
  3. Breakup Letter! - Joke

    A man woke up from sleep and found a letter on top of the fridge. He took the letter and it reads: It is no more working and I can not continue staying here, I am gone and till something is done about it, I am not going to come back. He opened the fridge and brought out a chilled drink and took a sip. With surprise on his face, he said, "But the fridge is working now! What the **** is she talking about?"
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  14. Hi Friends, I am looking for equine rehabilitation services near College Station, TX. Is anyone knows a good center ? Thanks
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