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  1. This Or That

    donkey reining or barrel racing?
  2. Clipping And Banding

    I just do local shows so I my horse ready the night before. I clip everything then bathe the body of my horse (not the mane or tail). then i band, brush, and put a sleazy over and I'm done! A day or two before the show I clean my tack so I can devote the next day to my horse and not rush getting ready.

  4. Hdr?

    I bought a once- used HDR bridle from my neighbor for $20. It's my first bridle, and I was wondering what you thought of HDR's quality and such. Thanks!
  5. Everyday I hear never. That just makes me stronger <3

  6. Most days I think it to be impossible. But when I'm riding, anything seems possible as long as I am with my horse. <3

  7. What Saddle?

    my budget is at the most $500
  8. Help! Need Advice!

    I understand where you would get that from. But this horse has trouble transitioning into the canter and i use a crop. He doesn't like the crop and does a tiny buck. It was only for two lessons. Now, he doesn't buck anymore. I may have overexaggerated a little. I do that a lot. But I am learning a lot. It helped me learn how to ride out a buck and I wasnt thrown off.
  9. What Saddle?

    I am looking for a cheap but pretty and durable leather western saddle. Are there any brands to stay away from? What brands should I look into? Which is your preferred brand?
  10. What Size Saddle?

    I am looking for an inexpensive but durable leather english saddle. What brands do I stay away from and which ones would be best? I am a 15" in western. What would be my saddle size in english?
  11. Help! Need Advice!

    I am trying to convince my parents to buy a horse. I have loved horses ever since I can remember. They are my life, and I am only truly happy when I am riding or around horses. My mom says that they are too accident- prone, and she doesn't want to take the risk. But what she doesn't know is that after she told me that, I went to my room and cried for hours. I know owning a horse is really expensive, and they can do stupid things to themselves, but it is my passion and one and only dream. INFO- I have been volunteering at an equine rescue since February. I have been riding since June. I have come a long way- on my third lesson, I was bucked off a horse. I have been ridden through a fence. I have been bucked A TON of times. I do western and english.