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    Photographing horse shows, collecting LP records, attending ballet performances
  1. I wanted to show some pics form the Louisville American Quarter Horse Show in November. Of course, you can see more by clicking the link to tackshots.com -
  2. Yesterday I posted a dressage photo from the the Rolex with links to more. I though that some of you may be interested to see more - cross-country as well as a chance to see some of the sights at the Rolex. Allison Springer on Arthur placed second overall. The winner is British - William Fox-Pitt on Parklane Hawk. Here's Allison (just click to see more of her and the Rolex): Hope you enjoy!
  3. Hi, Just wanted to share a few photos that I took at Kentucky Horse Park this weekend. So far, I've only posted dressage but I'll have others shortly. Click the photo and you'll see a little gallery. Let me know what you think, Jim
  4. This last weekend (March 24/5, 2012), Fields & Fences in Wadsworth, Il, had another Indoor Dressage Show. I thought that this was a good time to share some photos from an earlier show at the same location. Pretty soon it will be warm enough to enjoy these horses outdoors! Just click the link to see several pages of photos...
  5. Hi, I use a Canon 20D, a semi-professional dslr that I bought used for a song. The lens I most often use for shooting horses is the Canon 55-250mm EF-S autofocus zoom, again used. Easy to use and great for action sports. Jim
  6. Just posted a small gallery of photos from Sunday's Hunter/Jumper Show at Fields & Fences huge indoor arena. If you click on the photo, you'll get a view of dozens more. Wish winter was over so we could see (and photograph) these riders/horses outdoors!
  7. Hi, I want to share this calendar of horse shows throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois for the coming year - just click the image. I tried to embed the calendar in this post so you wouldn't have to follow a link to another page but without success. I hope that you find this resource helpful.
  8. This is just one of many photos that I took at Fields & Fences, Wadsworth, IL, December 4, 2011. If you click on the pic, you'll go to my blog with lots of photos of the young riders at this event. Hope you enjoy!
  9. I want to share this picture of a young woman's first horse show. It's linked to my photo blog of horse show photos - you'll see the whole weekend's action of dressage, cross-country and jumping. Hope you enjoy!