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    I have tried getting in contact with her but haven't had any response

    I really need to go to the school to work on my classroom, but it can wait until tomorrow. Only a couple days of summer left. Meetings next week and school starts on the 14th. Yay. Lol.
  3. Fair time

    I loved showing horses and goats at our county fair.
  4. Sage on May Day

    She is a gorgeous subject, and your skill with the camera makes her even more gorgeous.
  5. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! We just got home from earring with my grandparents, so that made the day great.
  6. My Wife.

    Continued prayers for Mrs. and for you.
  7. Monday, & March is almost gone.

    Congrats on the new tractor. My parents went last week and ordered a new Kubota tractor, 55 HP, front end loader. They ordered the package with the bush hog and trailer. Over the weekend, I sold my riding horse and a cow and will be able to pay off my Duetz tractor. My horse had only been ridden once in the last year. I have a 2 year old QH filly that I want to focus on, so I decided it was better to let him go to someone who will use him.
  8. Monday, & March is almost gone.

    There hasn't been much blooming yet. Too much cold weather back and forth.
  9. Monday, & March is almost gone.

    I am at work. My first two periods are spent facilitating for our online program, so I am pretty much bored out of my mind on those days. Hope you have a great day, PD!
  10. Weekend is here!

    Serah, hope you are okay. It is always worse for me when someone sees me wipe out. This week was spring break, so I got to spend lots of time doing what I wanted at my own pace. Tonight, I went out to eat and played cards with some friends from church. It's been a good week. Hope everyone is doing well.
  11. Moody Monday

    I'm pooped. This weekend was wild. I left the house at 6:30 on Saturday morning to go to the State Finals for high school basketball. I got home in time to turn my clock an hour forward. We got snow Saturday, so we didn't have church yesterday morning. I went back to bed, but that really didn't help. It definitely made getting up for work extremely hard this morning. I just sat in bed trying to motivate myself to get up. At this point, I am just trying to make it through the day until time to go home.
  12. Snowy Monday

    Prayers, Pink. It's been a rainy, dreary day here. The weather forecast is calling for more storms tonight. We had a pretty rough set of storms come through last week. They left a lot of damage and destruction in their path.
  13. Prayers please!

  14. Weekend Is Here

    Hope everyone is doing well. I've been real hit or miss lately. School has been extra crazy and will only get crazier until spring break gets here. Today was busy. Got up to feed calves. Got to the third place, where my cows are, and noticed my bull was missing, so I spent a couple hours getting him put back up and fixing fence. Even the work with the cows can be relaxing for me, though. I just enjoy spending time driving through the pasture watching the cows graze. I've been able to keep my heifers from last year, so my numbers are growing. In the past, I've only kept up to five or six cows, but I have 10 cows in the herd right now, with 4 heifers to add to the herd in the fall. I'm pretty excited about it. Anyway, hope I can make time to be more present on here. Take care.
  15. So proud of my little dude

    That's great, Poco.