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    Illustration, graphics, digital/tradiitonal art, showjumping.
  1. Suggestions On What I Should Paint?

    I'm wanting to do pre-made pieces of art, not necessarily made to order pieces like most of the ones above were. And was hoping to get a n input into what sort of scene/breeds/scape people in general find most appealing.
  2. Suggestions On What I Should Paint?

    haha the guy took AGES, poofy hair </3 I use PS CS5 and a wacom Bamboo tablet for my digital work. And thank you I hope to make my living out of this so nice to get good feedback xD
  3. New Pony - Bella

    I want to steal her *_* She is freaking adorable <3 I sold my 13hh welshie last summer, can certainly see the welsh blood in her
  4. So I'm trying to build up a portfolio for my website and I've been asking around but havent come to a conclusion of what themed images people find most appealing, equine wise. I hope to draw these and then sell them off at a later date. This is what I've drawn over the past year, digitally and traditionally: Just wondering if as an equine community you'd be able to help me out and give me an opinion :3