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  1. Cat Not Useing Litter Box!

    First off I would like to say hi! I know this is a horse place, but I thought I might as well see if any of you could help with my cat. Thanks I have a cat who will be a year in June. Hes a male and was not litter trained when we got him. We tried to teach him and it didn't work. He was going in the first floor but now goes downstairs on the floor outside of the cat box. We have one other older cat who he gets along with fine. We put three different litter boxes with three different types of litter in each one. He started to use the box sometime before Christmas,he used it for five days ,all the while we made sure that it was clean and spotless,then he just stopped and wont use it again. Every day he leaves a "present" down there for us and were getting very tired of cleaning it up. Also, he goes pee in the box but wont go poop. Also we did get him neutered. And we have both a covered and an open litter box.
  2. New Rehab Case (Founder)

    Oh poor baby, Glad to hear she is doing better. hope all goes well
  3. Another New Member

    Thanks all!
  4. Another New Member

    Hay all, I am new as you can see, I love horses and need to cowgirl up on my knowledge of horse health,colors,breeds, ect...