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  1. Hello

    Hi, I'm new here :) I have 2 horses, one QH and one QH/TB. I trail ride and ride Hunter Under saddle at the QH level. My guys names are Artie and Dave!
  2. Critique This Breeding Qh Stallion

    That is simply an amazing stud! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL in every way! Conformation and color are perfect! They did a wonderful job with the pictures (as always).
  3. Frasier

    I am too! I have an 18 year old Hanoverian gelding with the Pik Bube line, heavy boned, and sound, I've owned him for over 10 years :)
  4. How Long Did It Take For You?

    I bet once you start to ride him more you will feel a deeper connection. I know it is that way for me, I can spend alot of time on the ground with a new horse, but its those moments under saddle that establish trust and understanding between the two of you.
  5. Very Nice Story

    Wow, great video, and I agree she has a great seat and is an experienced rider. Glad the injury and groundwork worked out for them. I wouldn't be as brave to work through all of those issues with a horse like that!
  6. Rescue Ruined A Horses Chance

    So sorry to hear about Spartan, he sounded like a wonderful horse
  7. Internet Friends Who Ride

    SohCah, your mare is just beautiful! Everyone else, beautiful pics, you all have some beautiful areas to ride in!!
  8. Tricking My Son

    LOL! Thats terrible. I know my 2 year old would hug it. She likes frogs!
  9. Best Day Ever!

    Congrats! (on all 3!)
  10. I Think I Just Lost My Horse...

    LOL thats a good idea, except for the fact that my husband used to do cutting so he likes short horses! lol BUT....he thinks greys are too "girly" so I guess I could get a GREY and he'd never ride it!
  11. Test

    Thats a beautiful signature picture 2 pacers!
  12. I Need Some Advice!

    My opinion is to have a quick vet check done on him. Then you can get an idea of how bad the lung issue really is. Also, if there are any health problems, you can know ahead of time and same some heartache of your kids falling in love with a horse that might have some issues that cannot be fixed.
  13. *how To Upload A Photo *

    This helps, thanks I am new here and had the same question lol! I have my photos on Photobucket so that its very easy.
  14. How Much Grain Do I Feed My Horse?

    Start out slowly with the grain if he hasn't had any grain for awhile! I literally start out with 1 cup (baking cup) and work my way up over a week. I agree that a pound should be just fine for an easy keeper. No need to over-grain your horse, as forage should be his main feed, but nice to provide some nutrients with the grain.
  15. And The Saga Continues

    Wow that Equiaide looks like good stuff. I was watching this thread and it looks like that wound is healing so well. I should order some of that stuff!
  16. New Guy

    Welcome! And that is a very pretty paint mare!
  17. Hello New Here

  18. Another New Member