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  1. Many Prayers Needed For An Hc Friend (Heartfeltfarm)

    I saw this on fb. I jut wanted to add my thoughts for a quick recovery,
  2. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    oh my god Fagan! He's looking lovely. Is it really 5 years. wow. So I've been here since 2002 but I rarely visit anymore and even less rarely post.
  3. Flying With A Large Laptop?

    Do be aware that if they're in a nasty mood they can count your purse as a 'carry on'. I had one made me consolidate my purse into my carry on. I was not amused. Thank goodness I had room though.
  4. R I P Sorcia

    Oh no Rats I am so so sorry. She was absolutely georgous and I loved all the pictures of her. We have a big girl out at the barn I ride at. I see her every single day and I ALWAYS think of your Sorcia when I see I her. I am so sorry I know you guys must be heartbroken.
  5. New Hunger Games Trailer!

    Oh I saw that this morning and just ran out and got the book (yes at 930pm lol). It's looks pretty decent. I hope it'll help me wait out 2 other authors who need to finish their darn books. (although I seriously doubt it).
  6. Texas Renaissance Festival

    Oh the lady with the owl. and <drool> oh her horse. And he is humoungous too. Great pictures - but why you no dress up?
  7. Texas Renaissance Festival

  8. The New Farm

    wow that's an amazing looking place. The cabin is so cute and I love the lake.
  9. This Has To Be The Best Ebay Ad Ever

    That's awesome. While I'd not be able to afford quite that much I truly understand having a little (male) fasionista myself..it is so annoying to find begged for clothes and shoes with the dang price tags on hidden in the back of the closet - what the heck you were with me when we bought those, absolutely had to have, those are the coolest, I've wanted them for ages, everybody has them and I really need new shoes, converse high tops. I've since made him contribute part of his own allowance for all the extra special must haves.
  10. Average Lifespan Of A Keurig?

    We love ours. Its coming on 4 years now. I suggest keep cleaning it. You probabily have pretty hard water which will slow it down with lime deposits pretty fast. If the CLR worked then I'd run it through a few times to make sure its super clear. If you like expresso, we have a Nespresso machine! Oh my god, just like the real thing. Love that too.
  11. Is Anybody Else Canning/preserving This Year?

    Good advice I didn't think of that and I have some hot peppers to do. We've canned tomatoes and pickled cucumbers. I have also dried some herbs, tomatoes and green peppers.
  12. Need Advice From Anyone Who Has Traveled In Europe.

    Oh I see you're going next Summer, so depending on when, we should be headed back sometime in June/July I hope. We're looking at being there approx. 6 months so keep in touch and maybe I can be a bit of a tour guide.
  13. Need Advice From Anyone Who Has Traveled In Europe.

    Should be fine. I lived in Rome for a year (2009-2010) I never felt unsafe even walking back late at night. We lived just outside the main tourist area but still inside the city ring. Watch for pick pockets (especially on the buses! Just can't stress that enough) but as far as getting mugged, raped or anything like that no problem, oh and the big tourist spot restaurants will try and catch you with silly stuff added to bills..don't ask for bread, then they can charge..taxis taking the long way etc. lol. Napoli (Naples) doesn't have such a great reputation - its rep is for being rough (not rape or anything but certainly mugged, and pick pocketed) but we didn't have any problems. Florence, Siena, all the little hill towns - way to classy to have problems like that. If you want tips on the best restaurants, ice cream, how to skip tourist lines..best day for museums etc just hollar. We loved our year there and its in our blood. I will, I think, forever spend the rest of my life trying to get back.
  14. Small Animal Owners?!

    grabby hands. I love the bunnies. I miss my buns so much. I can't get anymore since we're going back overseas soon and they can't go with me. But boy I miss them. especially my poor Jack bun. He died in care while we were away last time.
  15. How Do I Word This Email?

    I think I would just say I wanted to touch base with you regarding the position of.....and let you know that I'm still available and interested.