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    Present Obstacle Training Mounted Police Style to the general equestrian public
  1. Obstacle Training?

    Want to learn how to negotiate and maneuver through obstacles mounted police style? Wish you and your horse were more comfortable on the trail? Is your horse spooky and are you nervous riding? Or, is your horse a solid citizen and you'd like to learn more advance obstacle training techniques? Do you know how to maneuver an obstacle with precision and control? Do you know what the Trail Trial/Extreme Cowboy Challenge judges are looking for? Come watch or ride in one of the Gentle Dove Farm clinics. Joann Long, National Mounted Police and Toronto Police Services Certified can help you partner with your horse, gain confidence and improve communication! Check out the obstacle training clinics at!
  2. Want to learn how to have a safe, confident, and willing horse? Come join us at a GENTLE DOVE FARM Obstacle Training Mounted Police Style! visit for the current 2012 schedule!