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  1. Special Olympics Equestrian Event!!! Thank you all the volunteers

  2. Special Olympics is happening!!!! Come on out!!!!

  3. I love when he does this!!!

  4. BAM!! And there it is folks!!!

  5. Face time tonight with Noah! He wants to go to the mustachery......lolI chose mustache 2, and he chose number 3...

  6. Hmmmm.....something to think about

  7. Had a ton of fun today!!! Elizabeth Groce Hernandez and Ray Hernandez came over to visit!! It was awesome! I have missed them tons!! Best part is as each kid arrived home they got an awesome surprise!!! Love you both tons!

  8. Can't wait for JC Arrington to get home! Drive safe!!!

  9. I have several of both

  10. My horoscope for the year!CANCER – The Beauty (June 21 to July 22)MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal. A Cancer’s love is one of a kind… Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet in your life. Entirely creative person, most are artists and insane, respectfully speaking. They perfected sex and do it often. Extremely random. An ultimate freak. Extremely funny and is usually the life of the party. Most Cancers will take you under their wing and into their hearts...