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    Horses! Appaloosas, TB, Warmbloods, Kids, tons of stuff really!!!

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My name is Kimberly and I have been hauting since about 2002. :happy0203: I am a breeder, trainer and riding instructor. I own a small farm just south of San Antonio, TX, Calaveras Appaloosas & Sport Horses.

I started out riding and learning at 9 years old, with 2x Hall of fame Inductee, Sherri Mell. Though I never really got the roping bug, I have been know to heel once in a while. When it comes to western I prefer to do reining, working cow horse, Barrel racing, and pole bending. My heart for the last 9 years has been in dressage. I have really switched from riding stock horses to huge warmbloods. I stick mainly to open shows, and not dealing with much of the politics of the breed shows. Best part is I still work my western and cattle horses, and turn around in the same day riding Trakehners, and Belgian Warmbloods in dressage and jumping! I love it.

I currently have a small breeding opertation at my ranch and stand an Appaloosa Stallion, and a Trakehner Stallion, i have 3 warmblood mares ( Oldenburg, Belgian Warmblood, & Trakehner) I also have 3 Appaloosa mares ( one is the dam to my Appaloosa stallion) and 1 Appaloosa gelding, and last but certianly not least, two Thoroguhbreds, 1 mare and 1 gelding. My 5 wonderful kids keep me busy and the horses just as much. I have a loving, wonderful and extra supportive husband too! :wub:

Im considered the odd ball at many shows :drool: .....covered in tattoos, and such. Many people see my tats and jusdge my equine knowledge and riding ablity on that......then they see what I can do. The shock and Awe factor is always fun to see. Ive made more friends that way!! :yay: I dont frequent Horsecity Forums as much as I used too, as life has happened. I remeber coming here and helping and having other help me too. This is one of the best sites around and Im glad to still be a part of it. Hopefully a more active part of it too!! :jump: