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  1. Random Videos With The Horses

    Ok, I'm really bored so I started making a few videos on iMovie and decided to share :) (and our first ever time pole bending in a rodeo) from when he was my main barrel horse last year.I love iMovie LOL. Feel free to critique me if you want, but I know i rode terrible in most of the videos of me and coulee on barrels, and Im still figuring out how to ride such a fast horse in poles haha.
  2. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    yes!!! I think I saw a pic on Carole schaffers Facebook page, but he is a gorgeous boy, I hope he turns out great for you :) and I meant to ask, it was you that said you were working at sandy ridge??? How's your other baby doing?
  3. I have a rope halter sitting in my barn (duh LOL) with a braided type of rawhide noseband that normally looks pretty nice. Except now some of the pieces have broke apart and are coming unwoven. So anyone have an idea for a cheap idiot proof way to make a new noseband. I'd rather it be something I could get from a craft store or even Walmart? Thanks!
  4. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

    Very nice!! :) both of them are!! Not if he's already at my place, Mars hehe.
  5. Favourite Quotes!

    I love that quote, it's like in George straits song and it's one of my very favourite! :)
  6. Rodeo/ Barrel Race Hats

    ^^^ I agree, I love Charlie 1 horse hats. But if you want just a plain black felt hat that will last for a long time, get a resistol. My moms had hers for over 20 years and it still looks in awesome condition.
  7. Please Critique My "mutt"

    I think he looks pretty good. Just out of curiosity, What breed is he and what is his breeding?
  8. What Do I Do?

    I just thought of this, if the sheriff can't/won't do anything, you could try getting a local news station or newspaper involved. You might get more people on your side and maybe if your lucky the sheriff might do something or an animal rights person (sorry I really don't know if that's the right name for them) And they might be able to do something about it. But it could be my wishful thinking as well
  9. Favourite Quotes!

    That's alright, I think I've got enough :) those darn computers!!
  10. Favourite Quotes!

    I need some quotes for a school prohect! Post your favorite quotes, whether theyre horse related, funny or inspirational. Thanks! I love reading cool quotes :)
  11. Favorite Quotes

    Whoops, meant to post this in chit chat. My bad :)
  12. Favorite Quotes

    I need some quotes for a school prohect! Post your favorite quotes, whether theyre horse related, funny or inspirational. Thanks! I love reading cool quotes :)
  13. Unfortunately, this was my first concert so I have absolutely nothing to compare it to. I thought it was great and everyone I've talked to that went thought it was good. I'm sorry to hear she's an embarrassment to Oklahoma (as okhorselover said) I always thought she was a good person. Oh well, she's still my favorite singer, and I'd go to another concert in a heartbeat.
  14. Is anyone else going or have you gone already? I went last night and it was absolutely amazing. I love Carrie's voice and she puts on a great show!! I really recommend going. I really liked how she changed a few words in all American girl, like saying all Canadian girl and she's dating the hockey player instead of football player. (all because she's in Calgary) and of course, hunter Hayes was amazing too! I wish I could go again :)
  15. Need Some Ideas For A Poster!

    That could work :) thanks!