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  1. Hello From Kansas!

    Welcome to HC... I have met some very nice people on here. Its great when you get to meet them in person and establish real friendships.
  2. This Or That

    lasagna huntseat or saddleseat?
  3. This Or That

    mule overo or tobiano?
  4. Ky People, Lash And Others

    I live in Columbia and work there but am usually off by 5 or 6. If the game runs late maybe we could meet somewhere.I love to meet new horse folks. Syc and I met on here. Maybe she should pop in and see me sometime... Its been awhile, but I know how Amazon works during the holidays
  5. Thought I Would Share A Picture :)

    looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing
  6. We Are Going To Have A Contest

  7. My Dad Died Yesterday

    I don't know you, but you have my sympathy. I cannot imagine losing a parent. I lost my brother over 30 years ago, and I still miss him
  8. Leave It To Me...

    Hopefully you'll feel better by 3. Bud Light was a good beer choice though
  9. Crazy Sign!

    Learn something new everyday...
  10. I Got A New Toy! I Got A New Toy!

    Aren't new toys great? Congrats, it really looks nice
  11. What Should I Do?

    Most bosses understand. I live nearly 25 miles from my job and they usually tell me to stay home when the roads are bad. Very few people get out shopping in conditions like this. Be safe whatever you decide.
  12. Look What I Got To Clean Today

    I'm going through that with grandkids now...
  13. New From Lexington Kentucky

    Hello! I just wanted to welcome you to Horsecity. I live about an hour or so south of you. I have 13 horses, mostly Tb's And Tbx's. I ride english, hunter jumper. Nice to have you join us!
  14. Chickens

    First off, I'd like to offer you a hug. [Huggy] . You stated there were several dogs out, and through my own experience, your dog may not have bothered the chickens alone, but when dogs pack up they tend to get in a frenzy. I know 200.00 seems like a lot of money for chickens, but around here laying hens are about 15.00. It is just too bad the owners of the other dogs involved aren't helping pay for this.
  15. What's For Dinner?

    I have a pork roast with baby carrots cooking and I will make mashed potatoes, Gravy, Corn on the cob, and garlic bread. I am looking forward to eating all of this too....
  16. Wish Me Luck -update!

    Congratulations! I don't think there is one of us here that wouldn't love to be paid working with horses. Great news!
  17. Wish Me Luck -update!

    I hope you get the job. It sounds like a dream job to me.
  18. Pictures From Youth Nationals

    Just wanted to congratulate Katy and Psaint! I cannot wait to hear the results tomorrow. We'll all be on pins and needles with you Tazzin. [Huggy]
  19. Tazzin's Family Needs Prayers!

    Tazzin- Sending up prayers that Todd's mother will be fine. I know its very stressful to know your family needs you and you have to be so far away. You have had enough to deal with lately. Remember you have a great deal of support here and you can come to us to help you carry the load when needed. [Huggy]
  20. Pictures From Youth Nationals

    LongingToRun- I couldn't have said it better myself. [Not Worthy] Tazzin- Today is another day. We are all here cheering you guys on. You have a great kid, a great horse, and a great trainer. You can be VERY proud.
  21. We Lost Budwiser...

    [Huggy] Just wanted to send you a long distance hug> I know how hard a loss like that is. May he live in your heart forever.
  22. Pictures From Youth Nationals

    I'm glad to see you all arrived safely after the flat tire ordeal. Keep the pictures coming!I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  23. Car Names For A Colt

    I like Bentley for a colt...Do you have a picture of the little fella?
  24. Tazzin's Adventures Have Begun

    Tazzin- I'm glad you're up and running. May the rest of your journey be smooth and safe.
  25. Good Luck Tazzin!

    Tazzin- I want to join the crowd and wish you a very successful show. I don't want to wish you luck, because luck had nothing to do with it. Team Paint has worked their tails off. We're rooting for you!