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  1. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Beautifully said, nick! You owe to your horse to be fit for purpose! Serah, are you pulling my leg? I see that you are a "hardworking gal" and no doubt you are as fit as you can be. But when it comes to equestrians athletes, many voice these concern. -- Trying to juggle everyday activities and equestrian duties does not leave much time or energy to dedicate to constructive exercise... doing exercise would just be an extra burden on an already hectic lifestyle... the training will get in the way, especially in the winter when daylight hours are limited anyway. -- So how to work around it? I solved this problem with an efficient and specific programme that got results for my clients... Time management, some would say. Many of us outdoor folks tend to be more active in the summer months. You see, you may do running or cycle to the yard 4 times a week, you may poo-pick and muck out daily, and then when the sun comes out you will feel better and you might even pull out the old celebrity exercise DVD! What you have to be careful with is confusing being physically active with riding specific exercise. Generic DVD exercise programmes are not just a waste of time, they may be strengthening the wrong muscles. Same is the case with going to the gym... One of my pet peeves is when the equestrian athletes get sent to the gym, they get a generic "get on the treadmill" kind of response because the trainer there either does not care or does not have the knowledge to help with rider specific exercises. This kind of generic exercise gets boring and is highly unspecific for riders. I encourage my personal fitness clients to make sure that they are fit for their purpose. This has become known in the fitness profession as "Functional Training." So if your main goal is to be the best you can on your horse, then make sure you are doing specific exercises, that will make you ‘saddle strong’, not generic activity.
  2. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi Nick, Thanks for letting me know... one of the links was not working and I have fixed it now. And yes, that is exactly what we were talking about! A lot of factors stress the riders out. This undoubtedly affects the horse’s mindset. Turning up ill prepared, out of breath and flustered results in a flustered, confused horse. That said, while training away from the horse definitely gives results, the problem that most equestrian athletes face is they have to work every day - have a lot of chores to do - and by the end of the day, they are too tired to train. Getting ready again to go the gym/training studio at a fixed time seems daunting. Which is why many prefer to train from home at their own pace whenever they get the time and my plan includes these factors. I have been an athlete myself, spending a lot of time in and around the equestrian scene including competing in tetrathalon into my teen years. Right now though I am too busy and I ride whenever I get the time. How about you? Are you a professional rider?
  3. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi Sangria, I am from Launceston, Cornwall. While Pilates and Yoga help you keep fit, training with rider specific core exercises that move the target muscles will maximise your performance. Your trainer can help you with that.
  4. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi DawnWings No problem, I just felt that by sharing links to my website this would help to show that this is not something I just dreamt up and I am very proud of the work that I have put into the plan. More so, I am more than happy to share information without pushing my plan, so by putting the link at the end it gives the reader an opportunity to explore if they are interested. So, no offence taken, let us move on as we all want the same thing, and that's better performance on and off the horse. In response to your question on equipment: Having trained numerous equestrians at my personal training studios, surveyed a larger group using blogs, forums and social media, it became apparent that many equestrians were just disillusioned by the whole "gym" experience and wanted something much more specific. The second thing that cropped up consistently from all the groups, was that the equipment needed to be minimalistic so that it could be performed from home. The plan does include the use of a stability ball, dumbbells and a resistance band. In my experience, many equestrians do not have a full squat rack to enable the safe use of barbells, nor do they want the added expense of more equipment, the use of more space in their own house. Granted the barbell is a great tool for increasing strength with safe use. To elicit significant absolute strength gains, the loading would need to be such that you would probably need someone to 'spot' you (be there to make sure you complete the reps) to safe completion. As my plan is progressive in nature, one of the key components to the training effect, equestrians will get benefit from the exercises in it. I often feel that people like the latest bit of kit. But like anything, it's only a tool if you know how to use it effectively, so why not use the one tool we all have to improve and it's the most important one we possess, body weight! Master control of that and then you have earnt the right to lift weights. That's my philosophy! It is not the only one, but it works for me everyday and I have had and I am getting great results and feedback. Have a great day, DawnWings!
  5. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi Dawnwings, I thought I might clear some things up as well! I can add as many links as possible on my signature and I just took advantage of it. Now that might put people off... "He is just peddling his stuff!" - But it gives me a way to showcase my talents... Don't the equestrians athletes post their winning photos? And whatever you might say, I am proud of it! I am one of the best in UK in my particular field... I put in a lot of hard work to get here at quite a young age and I am not ashamed of it! As for my website, since you mentioned it, I have posted quite a number of articles explaining fitness exercises which would be greatly beneficial for those athletes who take time to read it... not just peddling my stuff again... Now you can take advantage of it or you can leave it. I thought a post on rider fitness might do us all some good, get some active discussions going on what works best, so that all can benefit. Also, being a newbie, I thought it might be a way to break the ice... My mistake
  6. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    A simple workout but a great mindset! (?‿?)
  7. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    I agree! Pilates is a great technique. There is an element of my Equestrian Athlete Plan that has pilates style exercises integrated within it.
  8. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi Dondie Thanks for your reply, even though you appear prejudiced towards me. ◔_◔ But tell me, has the electric horse machine helped? From what I have heard, it is a machine that non-riders use to get the benefits of riding...
  9. What Do You Do To Keep Fit?

    Hi, Many equestrian athletes tell me, "Looking after the horses and field duties keep me fit." Many athletes complain of a lack of time for rider specific training. Many people are also unsure about the kind of exercise that would help them. So, I would like to know what do you do to keep fit and how do you manage to fit it in your busy schedule? Maybe you are training at a gym or maybe you try out exercise DVDs at home? Has the training helped?