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  1. Critique My Mare :)

    i think she looks great :)
  2. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    oh i know!!! i watched that race and now my throat hurts I cant wait to watch the Belmont it should be epic :)
  3. How To Ride A Devil's Dyke Jump.

    That was really cool! Thanks for sharing :)
  4. The Bionic Oscar Mayer Weiner Thread

    So in two days on wednesday, it will be my boyfriends and I 1 year anniversary of being togeather... so any ideas on what to get him... or what to do? I work that day and he has that day off. I was hoping we could do something but moneys a little tight until friday and i have no clue what to do. sooo help me!!!
  5. Simple, Casual, Country Wedding Success!

    Thief!! Haha that is the cake topper I want on my wedding cake. Im also going to do the simple coutry wedding, no way am I wearing heels down the aisle lol.. Looks like it was really fun! I think we need more pictures :) ETA: Plus there is no way my boyfriend will ever wear a suit lol so its gonna be wranglers and his boots. ETA: (again) cause i cant spell
  6. How Do You Make $$$$$

    I actually just got a job at Disney World, Ill be working in Fort Wilderness starting tuesday . I also work at a local boarding facility to help with gas money. It doesnt pay that much but it helps with either gas or dinner for the night.
  7. Just For Fun

    roast lol can you tell im hungry hmmm picnic
  8. Made My Own Slinkies

    Ive got those patterns setting around somewhere... hmmm but what I want to know is, where did you find your fabric? Our walmart doesnt have a fabric section anymore eta: you did an awesome job by the way :) way cheaper than spending $60
  9. Amazing Horse/rider

    that is amazing! I remember when i could jump bareback, not that big but i could do it and stay on but she is AMAZING she needs a 'stuck like glue' award!
  10. Coming Out Of The Woodwork...

    ahhh weve missed you!!!!! nice to see you back Maddy
  11. Wedding Pictures 7*23*11

    Beautiful!! That is the same wedding Im going for... shh dont tell the bf, lol. I am having the statue of the 'two trail become one' on top of the cake as a topper. I freaking loved these pictures such inspiration
  12. Planking.. Equestrian Style

    holy cow!! thats really cool, such a cute pony too :)
  13. An Oldie Back As A Newbie :p

    PM sent
  14. This Or That

    main and tail cause i can use it too :) bumper pull or gooseneck??
  15. Xc Photos Of The Big Fella From Today

    Oh yeah straight to my house he would come :)